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Kate Middleton’s name often comes up when people list their favorite royals. The Princess of Wales is also favored by the media. One royal commentator believes Kate is the favorite because she is a “good little girl,” and she doesn’t say much.

Kate Middleton is one of the most popular members of the royal family

Kate Middleton smiles while standing outside.
 Kate Middleton | Jack Hill – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kate is well liked and has been crowned one of the most popular members of the royal family. A poll conducted by YouGov shows Kate is the most popular royal after the late Queen Elizabeth II. As of this writing, the queen has a popularity score of 77% and Kate has a popularity score of 66%.

Among the least popular royals are Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew. Meghan has a score of 27% and Prince Andrew has a score of 8%. Some commentators say their popularity dip can even be seen on the official royal family website. Meghan and Andrew’s bios (as well as Prince Harry’s) were moved to a lower position on the site. Meghan and Andrew’s bios are now next to each other.

Everyone likes Kate Middleton because she is ‘a good little girl’ says commentator


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One royal commentator believes Kate is popular because she doesn’t complain and doesn’t say much. During a panel discussion on Talk TV about Meghan Markle’s latest podcast, Daisy McAndrew shared her thoughts on Kate and why people tend to gravitate toward her.

“One of the reasons Katherine is so popular amongst certain demographics, and I’m going to say older people and men, is because she says absolutely nothing,” says McAndrew. “She’s a good little girl who keeps quiet and doesn’t tell, doesn’t complain, doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t rock the boat and is a very traditional, old-fashioned, mute woman.”

Meghan, on the other hand, has been accused of saying too much. The Duchess of Sussex was recently criticized by Megyn Kelly for complaining too much. During an interview with GB News host Dan Wootton, Kelly says Meghan should stop talking about herself.

“She’s utterly clueless,” says Kelly. “I am so sick of her tired, off-point, irrelevant musings about her non-problems. On a countrywide basis, we have people who cannot afford Thanksgiving turkeys. The cost of them has gone so high. They can’t pay their gas and electric bills. They cannot buy gas, they cannot buy food the way they used to at the grocery store. And we’re supposed to give a damn whether somebody’s calling her the b-word or difficult, and we don’t. She doesn’t get it; no one gives a damn about these non-problems.”

Kate Middleton’s causes

Although Kate isn’t constantly in the public eye promoting a new book or complaining about being wronged, she does support different causes. One cause she cares deeply about is mental health. Kate participated in the Heads Together campaign along with Prince William and Prince Harry. Kate and William also recently hosted a surprise radio interview where they focused on mental health awareness.

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