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Dance choreographer Abby Lee Miller spent years on Dance Moms teaching young girls to dance and getting into arguments with their moms. The reality show made her probably one of the most hated people in reality television. So it was a huge turn when she was sent to prison for bankruptcy fraud.

Now she has been released from prison, and the show has gone on without her with Cheryl Burke as its new choreographer. So what does this mean for Miller and what has she been up to since she has been released?

She has answered some of those questions in an interview talking about her new projects and plans for her future. There is a very good chance we will probably see her on television in the future. Here are seven things to know about her prison release.

1. Abby Lee Miller was released and transferred to a halfway house

Abby Lee Miller
Miller celebrated her release with this photo after getting “cut loose.” | Abby Lee Miller via Instagram

The choreographer was released after serving 366 days in prison at the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution, according to People. She was then transferred to Residential Reentry Center, which offers supervision, employment counseling, and financial management.

Miller pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud after being charged with hiding her $775,000 Lifetime income. That income was reportedly from Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and other jobs she did while pursuing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Along with being sentenced to one year and one day, she was fined $40,000 and had to pay $120,000 judgement.

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