Everything You Need To Know About Pete Davidson’s ‘the Suicide Squad’ Character, Blackguard

Pete Davidson is set to play Blackguard in The Suicide Squad, the sequel to the 2016 flick Suicide Squad. While the first film included well known DC characters like Deadshot and Harley Quinn, the sequel is looking to pull in some slightly more obscure comic book villains to round out the story. Davidson’s Blackguard is one of those characters.

Who is Blackguard?

Blackguard is a DC Comics supervillain who made his first appearance on paper in 1986. According to Fandom, Blackguard was enlisted by the 1,000 as a member of their criminal organization. With less than average intelligence, Blackguard was known for making a mess of planned missions. During his last assignment with the organization, his failure led to the loss of stolen satellite technology, angering his employers. 

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After the failed mission, he was appeared in front of the organization and was ultimately executed. Later, after making a deal from Neron, Blackguard was recruited into The Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller. Waller, an associate of Lex Luthor, has appeared in several comic-based movies and TV shows and will appear in The Suicide Squad. Viola Davis is set to portray the character. Blackguard’s deal with Neron made him slightly smarter.

What other characters will be appearing in The Suicide Squad?

Pete Davidson’s take on Blackguard isn’t the only interesting character that will be gracing the screen in The Suicide Squad. Blackguard will be joined by several other large and small names from the DC universe. Margot Robbie is set to reprise her role as Harley Quinn.

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Robbie will be joined by Idris Elba, who will take on the part of Bloodsport. John Cena will appear as Peacemaker, and Sean Gunn, a Gilmore Girls alum, will be portraying Weasel. Joel Kinnaman, best known for his work in House of Cards, will appear as Rick Flag.

When will The Suicide Squad be released?

The Flick, now in post-production, is expected to hit theaters in August 2021. While fans originally feared the film’s release date would be pushed back due to the Coronavirus, The Suicide Squads production was not affected by the global pandemic. The cast began filming in September 2019 in Atlanta. Director, James Gunn, shared wrap photos at the end of February 2020, shortly before the United States entered lockdown.

Gunn took to Twitter in April to assure fans that the movie would not be delayed due to the virus. According to NME, Gunn stated that they were on or ahead of schedule and that all editing was being done from home studios.