‘Ex on the Beach’: Caro Viehweg Reacts to Her Cast Photo ‘They Did Me Dirty’

Love Island finalist and The Amazing Race competitor Caro Viehweg will appear on the newly announced Ex on the Beach Season 5. When the network revealed the cast photos, Caro reacted to hers, noting she felt “they did me dirty.”

Caro Viehweg standing inside a convertible car
‘Love Island’ finalist Caroline “Caro” Viehweg | Colin Young-Wolf/CBS/Getty Images

Caro Viehweg reacted to her cast photo for ‘Ex on the Beach’ Season 5

Two years after Ex on the Beach Season 4 wrapped, the fifth season has returned with a new cast of singles unknowingly entering a house where their exes will soon arrive. Shortly after MTV released its first-look trailer and cast photos, Love Island Season 1 finalist Caro Viehweg reacted to the image chosen.

Responding to a fan who retweeted the pictures of her and Big Brother star Da’Vonne Rogers, the reality star admitted, “not gonna lie, they did me dirty choosing this pic,” she wrote with two laughing emojis. “The curls got no justice,” she revealed as her apparent reasoning behind not liking the photo.

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The 23-year-old is set to appear as an ex, presumably for Ray Gantt. Strut’s Arisce Wanzer, Bryce Hirschberg (Too Hot to Handle), David Barta (Paradise Hotel), Derynn Paige (Double Shot at Love), Kyra Green (Love Island), Jonathan Troncoso (World of Dance), and Da’Vonne are also listed as featured singles in the new season.

Exes wanting to get back together or ruin their next chance at love include Emily Salch (Love Island), Jamar Lee (Big Brother Canada), Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao (Big Brother Canada), Kat Dunn (Big Brother), Nicole O’Brien (Too Hot To Handle), Mike Mulderrig (Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club), Ricky Rogers (Double Shot at Love), Sher Suarez (Love Island) and Caro.

She and Ray Gantt placed third on ‘Love Island’ and competed on ‘The Amazing Race 33’

The Los Angeles native entered the villa on Day 1 and initially paired up with Cashell Barnett before moving on to Cormac Murphy. They were paired up for two recoupling ceremonies before Ray arrived on Day 12.

Caro and Ray hit it off and stayed together for the remainder of the competition, ultimately finishing third on Day 27. After the show, the couple continued a relationship and were tapped to compete as a dating team on The Amazing Race 33.

They started rocky, and miscommunication led to bickering, resulting in a middle-of-the-pack finish for the first three episodes. However, production stopped the race due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caro and Ray didn’t return when the race resumed, resulting in a discharge due to travel restrictions preventing her from returning to the United States and her expired work visa.

Ray and Caro split ways during the production shutdown

The couple split around July 2020 when the show halted filming as Caro posted a YouTube video revealing her single status.

According to the Los Angeles-based student, she “tried my hardest in this relationship” and claimed she didn’t want to throw her ex “under the bus.”

However, the 23-year-old went on to explain she broke up with the New Jersey native because she felt more “committed” to their romance than him.

Before The Amazing Race 33 premiere, Caro clarified their status again on her Instagram story, reminding her followers, “the show was filmed two years ago! We have gone our separate ways.” Ex on the Beach Season 5 premieres March 31 at 8/7c on MTV.

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