‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’ Jemmye Carroll Claims Magdalena Ruiz Dated Host Romeo Miller

After every Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love episode, Jemmye Carroll uploads a video recap on YouTube and includes things that happened off-camera or were edited out to give more context.

For Episode 7, she explained why everyone wanted Allie DiMeco out of the house, her angriness when she went to the peak, and an unaired fight between Allie and Tyranny Todd.

Jemmye Carroll
Jemmye Carroll (L) and Camila Nakagawa | Mike Coppola

The MTV star also dropped a bombshell about the newest arrival, Ryan Gallagher’s ex, Magdalena Ruiz, and the host, Romeo Miller.

Jemmye Carroll explained why she was mad at the peak

According to Jemmye Carroll, she didn’t feel well and told a producer she didn’t want to go up to the peak because she feared getting more sick. Therefore, she became agitated when her face appeared on the screen.

However, the “main people” said they weren’t aware, so she had to go anyways. Jemmye also didn’t want to be there because she “didn’t care about Ryan [Gallagher] or his situation” as his ex, Magdalena Ruiz, arrived.

Jemmye Carroll claimed Magdalena Ruiz dated Romeo Miller

In her YouTube video, Jemmye claimed host Romeo Miller hugged Magdalena and said, “it’s good to see you.” The comment struck Jemmye as odd because it seemed like they knew each other before.

The Challenge vet also said Romeo called Magdalena his “MySpace crush,” but the comment was edited out of the scene. Once they went back to the chalet, Jemmye asked Magdalena about Romeo only an hour after she moved into the room.

According to Jemmye, Magdalena said she went on a few dates with the host a while ago, but he could not get her into Soho House. The single mother was also supposed to be a contestant on Jersey Shore stars Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio Jr. and Vinny Guadagnino’s dating show, A Double Shot at Love.

However, she ended up on Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love as singer Ryan Gallagher’s ex. Because of all the dynamics, Jemmye said she’s “curious to see how they edit the Mag and Ryan story.”

Jemmye Carroll explained the unaired fight between Tyranny Todd and Allie DiMeco

Additionally, Jemmye explained why everyone seemingly turned against Allie DiMeco as her disagreements were not aired. Allie texted Jemmye and told her why Tyranny Todd, Nicole Zanatta, Sydney Langston, Marlon Williams, and Ryan Gallagher all turned against her.

Jemmye backed her up for the most part but agreed with the other castmates that Allie can be annoying. For example, she claimed Allie tried to take a drink from Tyranny, and when the Are You the One star grabbed back, her fingernails accidentally cut Allie.

According to Jemmye, it was a minor wound, but Allie walked around talking about it the entire day. She also noted she walked away from Allie when the Temptation Island star rambled about potential love interest Niall Aslam because she talked too much about one thing.

However, Jemmye campaigned for Allie to stay as she figured Allie would have attractive exes coming to the chalet. Watch Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.