‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’ Star Ryan Gallagher Allegedly Faked His Family Emergency

According to Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love co-star Jemmye Carroll, alleged former American Idol contestant Ryan Gallagher not only lied about leaving New Zealand but faked the family emergency altogether.

Ryan Gallagher

Ryan Gallagher on ‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’

For the fourth season, Ex on the Beach left the beach and opted for the mountain tops in New Zealand instead. One of the singles, Ryan Gallagher, is allegedly from American Idol and came to the peak searching for love.

Even though it wasn’t shown in the show, others in the house confirmed he and Tyranny Todd had a thing. However, Allie DiMeco claimed she called Gallagher out for leading Todd on when he had no real interest in her.

The two eventually parted ways, and Todd moved on to Sam Bird while Gallagher seemingly didn’t talk to anyone until his ex, Magdalena Ruiz, arrived.

According to the fashionista, Gallagher broke up with her because he became insecure in their relationship. Even though the American Idol hopeful was skeptical of his ex arriving at the chalet at first, he finally decided to let his guard down and give their relationship another shot.

Only a couple of days after Ruiz’s arrival, the couple left to fly back home due to an emergency in Gallagher’s family. A few days later, they came back to the chalet once they sorted everything out.

Jemmye Carroll accused Ryan Gallagher of not leaving New Zealand

In one of her Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love recaps, Jemmye Carroll revealed she did some investigating as she didn’t think the couple left the house. After noticing they still had all their luggage with the old tags, Jemmye said she confronted Gallagher and Ruiz, who admitted they never left New Zealand.

Instead, they claimed they were in separate hotel rooms while Gallagher phoned home. After Carroll posted the recap, the couple responded to her on Instagram, confirming her allegation.

Gallagher explained the show “needed to make sense of me and Mag being absent for one whole day of filming.” Additionally, he threw shots at Carroll and claimed she “didn’t have anybody’s eye since the moment” she entered the chalet.

Feeling disrespected, Carroll exposed the two in her next recap video.

Jemmye Carroll accused Ryan Gallagher of faking his family emergency

According to the MTV star, Ruiz told her that she and Gallagher had sex the night before, and he started “freaking out” because he thought it would “ruin his brand.”

Additionally, Ruiz said Gallagher wanted to go home, so he called his agent. After hearing this, Carroll claimed she saw him outside having a private conversation on his cell phone.

Once Gallagher finished the phone call, he came inside and explained he had to leave for the family emergency. Carroll did not believe him because their family has the phone numbers of the production members in the house.

Therefore, his family would have called production directly, instead of Gallagher calling his agent first. Carroll said she did not accuse him of faking it at the time because she didn’t have enough information.

However, the MTV star stated a production member told her directly that Gallagher did fake his family emergency. But, according to Carroll and some Reddit users, that’s not the only thing Gallagher lied about.

Apparently, he only auditioned for American Idol but didn’t make it to the Live Auditions, which is filmed. Carroll confirmed this information because EOTB production members asked Gallagher for his American Idol package, and he couldn’t produce it. Gallagher hasn’t responded to Carroll’s accusations as of yet.

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