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Are You the One? alum and Ex on the Beach star Shannon Duffy announced her pregnancy, revealing she is expecting a second child. While she didn’t name the father, many assume it’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Anthony Martin.

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Shannon Duffy announced her second pregnancy

In late January 2022, Ex on the Beach Season 3 cast member Shannon Duffy, 27, posted a collage of pictures with her and daughter Isabella Jade, 1, showing off her baby bump.

Set to Brent Morgan’s rendition of “You’ll Be in My Heart,” the reality star captioned it, “it’s us three against the world,” and included the expected date of May 2022.

Several Are You the One? and Ex on the Beach stars congratulated the MTV alum, including Maya Benberry, Gianna Hammer, Amber Diamond, Casandra Martinez, and Kam Williams, who is also currently expecting. While she didn’t address the father of the baby, her caption hints at them no longer being together.

Many fans believe it is on-again-off-again boyfriend, Ex on the Beach’s Anthony Martin. However, he has not yet publicly announced the upcoming birth. The two are seemingly not together as they don’t follow each other on social media and have scrubbed pictures from their account.

‘Are You the One?’ stars Shannon Duffy and Anthony Martin filmed ‘Ex on the Beach’ together

In 2017, Martin, 27, appeared on Season 6 of AYTO, searching for his perfect match. According to the algorithm, it was the late Alexis Eddy, but the two seemingly didn’t have a romantic connection.

Instead, he focused on his confirmed non-match, Geles Rodriguez. After the show, the couple began a relationship, but his infidelity reportedly ended things. She then exposed him on social media, ultimately putting a strain on his new relationship with season 5’s Duffy.

They eventually split, reportedly due to his cheating, and all three reconnected for Ex on the Beach Season 3 (2019), with revenge on their minds. Following the show, Duffy and Martin rekindled their romance and moved in together. In May 2020, the two announced they were expecting their first child together.

Martin and Duffy welcomed baby girl Isabella Jade in October. It’s unclear when the couple decided to call it quits, but they celebrated their daughter’s first birthday together and dressed up as the Incredibles as a family for Halloween.

Duffy didn’t find her perfect match on ‘Are You the One?’ Season 5

In early 2017, the California native also appeared on the reality dating series, hoping to find true love. By episode 3, she developed a connection with Tyler O’Brien, and the couple sat with each other for five match-up ceremonies.

They eventually parted from one another, and she moved on to Derrick Henry, who also had yet to establish a strong connection in the house.


‘Ex on the Beach’ Season 3: Who is the Rumored Cast?

Unsure if Tyler could be her perfect match, primarily due to the number of ceremonies they paired, she went back and forth with him before settling on Derrick for the final one. However, her person ended up being Joey Amoia, who seemingly rarely spoke in the house.

As one of the three couples who didn’t find her perfect match by the finale, the group lost the prize money. Out of the current eight seasons, they are the only ones who failed to identify all 10 pairs.