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Country music stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton married in 2011 and divorced in 2015. Their relationship received widespread attention from the media and country music fans. In a 2011 interview with Texas Monthly, it was revealed that guests who attended Lambert and Shelton’s wedding “ate venison from deer that had been shot by the newlyweds.”

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in 2015
(L-R) Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton shot a deer for their wedding

In 2011, Lambert was interviewed by Texas Monthly about her start in music, her career, and her marriage to Shelton. The two were married in 2011 in Texas after five years of dating.

According to Texas Monthly:

“Miranda and Blake exchanged vows on a cowhide rug beneath an arch decorated with deer antlers, and they walked back up the aisle after the ceremony to the classic Roy Rogers tune ‘Happy Trails.’ At the reception, the guests ate venison from deer that had been shot by the newlyweds..”

When Texas Monthly referred to the wedding as “redneck,” Lambert disagreed.

“I don’t think there was anything redneck about it,” Lambert told the publication. “It was just us.”

What the country singers’ marriage was like

During their high-profile relationship, Lambert and Shelton were both busy artists with separate careers. Still, the two tried to make time for one another while touring.

“We piddle around, go back-roading, build brush fires, shoot at targets with our hunting bows. You know, the usual,” Lambert told Texas Monthly. “Sometimes I get him to go to the Walmart with me over in Ada. Or sometimes we go into town and hit the Dairy Queen.”

Shelton also revealed that every night, he and Lambert would “sing together” at home.

“Whenever we sing together, I try to outsing her and make her sound sucky, and she does everything she can to make me look bad, and this goes on and on, all night long, like two dogs fighting for a bone,” Shelton told Texas Monthly.


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Blake Shelton thinks something set Miranda Lambert ‘apart from all the other female country artists’

Speaking with Texas Monthly, Shelton shared his thoughts on Lambert and her rising career in country music.

“I told you, she’s her own girl, and she always will be,” Shelton shared. “But if you ask me, that’s what sets Miranda apart from all the other female country artists who are out there.”

He continued, “She’s done it exactly her way, singing the songs that are important to her. Hell, the way her career is going, I’m soon going to be able to retire and hang out on the ranch and hunt deer and drink some beer. I’m telling you, Miranda is awesome!”

Following their divorce, Shelton went on to marry Gwen Stefani, and Lambert is married to Brendan McLoughlin.