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Park Eun-bin ad Young-woo in 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' finale

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Finale: Fans Are Happy With Concrete Ending in ‘the Most Non-Dramatic Soapy Angst Way Possible’

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' finale left fans feeling giddy and fulfilled as the K-drama left no loose ends. But fans wonder if the possible second season will flesh out a few storylines like Young-woo and Su-mi.

Netflix’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-drama ended in a way fans would not have expected. After reports of the K-drama possibly getting a second season, fans thought the finale would end on a cliffhanger. The Extraordinary Attorney Woo finale instead gives all the characters a happy ending and one that fans accept wholeheartedly.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Extraordinary Attorney Woo.]

The hacking case is resolved, and Young-woo is happy in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ finale

The K-drama’s last episode was dramatic as the RAO hacking case ties in with Su-mi’s son, the real culprit behind the hacking. While he tells his mother the truth, she deals with it secretly instead of a major public scandal. Overcome with guilt, her son visits Young-woo, knowing she is his sister. Young-woo learns one of the CEOs of RAO asked Su-mi’s son to do the hack.

Young-woo has a video confession, but the judge cannot accept it as concrete evidence unless he testifies. Meanwhile, the finale also has Young-woo learn of her relationship with Su-mi possibly becoming public. Hoping to convince Su-mi to let her son testify, Young-woo and Jun-ho visit her.

Beforehand, Jun-ho reveals his feelings for Young-woo and gets back together. Young-woo then appeals to Su-mi to be a good person and mother to her son. Later, the Hanbada team accepts the terms of having Su-mi’s son as a witness.

He testifies in court about his wrongdoings, and Su-mi then steps down from office. The Extraordinary Attorney Woo finale has Young-woo and the other characters celebrate their court win. Fans watch as Young-woo tells her father she is staying at Hanbada. At work, she gets through the revolving doors in one go and tells Jun-ho she feels fulfillment.

Fans are content with the K-drama’s non-complicated ending

Knowing that Young-woo’s relationship with Su-mi was in jeopardy of going public, fans believed the Netflix K-drama would end with some drama. But fans on Reddit are more than happy with the Extraordinary Attorney Woo finale.

“I can actually say that I am very satisfied with the ending!! With the announcement of most likely having a season 2, the writers wrapped up the larger plot lines pretty well. Was this an uphill journey for the last half of the show? hell yeah it was!! BUT WE DID IT EVERYONE WE MADE IT!!” said a fan.

While fans feel there could have been more to explore in the storyline, the ending was fitting for each character. “Idc what people say this is such a great way to end the series in the most non-dramatic soapy angst way possible,” said a fan.

The finale also tied up the drama of Young-woo and Su-mi well. Instead of becoming public, CEO Han changed her plan to her advantage by using Su-mi’s son. Overall the drama gave fans what they wanted for Young-woo. “The last parting subway was nice subtle way of saying she is now not alone, The symbolism with her now boyfriend, friends and family. The fulfilment. My heart is happy :).” said a fan. But what is next for the second season?

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ hopefully brings back Young-woo’s brother

While the Extraordinary Attorney Woo finale tied up all the loose ends, there are still a few storylines people want to see for the second season. Min-woo went from one of the most hated characters to someone who gets a story arc. In the drama, he develops feelings for Su-yeon after she admits hers. She begins to change his mindset, and he decides to live “foolishly.” Fans hope to see whether or not their feelings flourish.

There is also Attorney Jung’s story as he recovers from cancer and gets back together with his ex-wife. He also promised to quit the firm. “I’m glad she was able to say her small piece and also give him an ultimatum (whether or not he takes it, we shall find out in 2 years LOL),” said a fan. There is also the matter of Su-mi’s secret.

Regarding a second season, fans hope to see Young-woo develop her relationships further as she continues as a lawyer on the autism spectrum. “Imo, there’s room for character growth in a potential s2, but it’s not necessary either. I’d love to see Youngwoo and Sanghyeon grow closer, Minwoo’s development, and also more of the backstory between Sumi and Seonyoung. It could go both ways! If s2 is truly in the works, I have faith that they’ll explore these storylines.”

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