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Netflix’s popular K-drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, has ended. The drama aired its sixteenth episode on Aug.18 in a way that adds drama, tears, heartache, and a happy ending. The Extraordinary Attorney Woo finale has the autistic lawyer meet someone unexpected, as she and her team take control of a hacking case. Above all, Young-woo feels a new emotion.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Extraordinary Attorney Woo.]

Young-woo learns of Seong-yung’s plan in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ finale

Continuing from the prior episode of the ‘Slice of Life’ K-drama, the Hanbada team is taking on a tricky hacking case. An online shopping company called RAON experienced a high-level hacking and the private information leak of millions of customers. The finale begins with Su-mi’s son, Sang-hyeon admitting he was behind the hacking. Being so close to political office, Su-mi tells her son to keep quiet. But Sang-hyeon’s guilty conscience says otherwise. He also reveals he knows about Young-woo.

Meanwhile, Attorney Jung is recovering in the hospital and tries to win back his ex-wife by saying he will leave the firm. Later, fans see Jun-ho outside Young-woo’s home, trying to muster courage before he sees Young-woo being approached by a man. The man startles her but hands her a manila envelope with a brochure to the Taesan Law Firm in Boston.

The employee tells Young-woo she is being offered a fully paid transfer, double the salary, and access to medical professionals specializing in autism. Stunned by what he hears, Jun-ho does not tell Young-woo his feelings. Back home, Young-woo’s father tells her the truth.

Seong-yung, the CEO of Hanbada, plans to make Young-woo’s relationship with Su-mi public. Afraid of what will happen to his daughter, Young-woo’s father explains the option to move to the states at Su-mi’s request or escape to a resort. Young-woo does not understand why she must hide.

Su-mi’s son testifies to his crimes and meets Young-woo

While not on track to winning the hacking case, Young-woo meets an unlikely person in the Extraordinary Attorney Woo finale. Sang-hyeon arrives at her office for help. He went to the police, who were told not to listen to him at his mother’s request. Knowing of his mother’s power, Sang-hyeon turns to his older sister. Confiding in her, he tells her RAO CEO Chang-hong asked him to hack his own company. They met at a cybersecurity competition and became friends. Chang-hon asked Sang-hyeon to hack the company to remind In-cheol about a developer’s importance.

Having guilt over In-cheol ingesting a poison pill, he gives Young-woo his video confession. He also explains he encrypted the stolen information. Later on, Young-woo shows the video to her team and Seong-yung. Understanding the legal problems, she allows the video to be used.

Her argument? How can Su-mi accept her political office role when her son committed a crime? Young-woo has an epiphany and realizes Hanbada represents RAO, the company, and not Chang-hon. Fans soon realize Seong-yung has changed her grand plan. She calls the reporter to stop the article about Su-mi and Young-woo. Instead, she will use her son.

In court, Hanbada reveals they do not represent Chang-hon, as RAO’s board of directors and In-cheol have fired him. While Sang-hyeon’s video is shown in court, the judge cannot use it as concrete evidence nor the change in RAO’s CEO. The team later learns he is going to the states to avoid testifying.

Young-woo is fulfilled in the ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ finale

While keeping her connection to Sang-hyeon a secret, she gets permission to convince Su-mi to let her son testify. But first, Jun-ho tells Young-woo about his true feelings for her. He explains he felt pure happiness seeing her happy, holding her when she was anxious, and holding her hand for 57 seconds. In the end, Young-woo decides not to break up.

In Su-mi’s office, Young-woo gives an emotional speech about her son thinking she is a good mom, but only to her benefit. While Su-mi was not a good mother to Young-woo, she urges Su-mi to be a good mother to her son. But she is still sworn into office. The team at Hanbada agrees to the other attorney’s terms for Sang-hyeon as a witness.

In court, Young-woo is the only one allowed to question Sang-hyeon. He admits to everything and his guilt. In the trial’s aftermath, Su-mi publically steps down from office and promises to do better as a mother. The Hanbada team wins the trial for RAO. They have dinner with Attorney Jung, his ex-wife, and Young-woo’s friends.

In the final scenes of the Extraordinary Attorney Woo finale, Young-woo is happy and feels an emotion she has never felt before. She surprises her father with her contract with Hanbada being renewed. At work, she successfully goes through the revolving doors on the first try. She gleefully tells Jun-ho she feels fulfillment.

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