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K-dramas are taking over Netflix as the newest weekly drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, hits a significant milestone. Since Squid Game, Netflix has invested heavily in developing K-dramas that have become smash hits like Tomorrow, My Name, and many more. But Extraordinary Attorney Woo has achieved stardom as it has become the number one non-English series on Netflix.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ is the top Netflix show (non-English)

With Netflix developing so many K-dramas, which are the most popular among fans? Thankfully Netflix’s Top 10 list calculates what series and movies are doing better than others. Taking the number one spot on Netflix is none other than Park Eun-bin’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The press release states, “New entrants on the non-English TV List include Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo in the #1 spot with 23.95M hours viewed.” This is an impressive win for the K-drama as it is only five episodes into its 16-episode run. The K-drama beats the newly released remake Money Heist: Korea, starring Park Hae-soo and Yoon Ji-tae.

Looking at the Top 10 list, K-dramas are reigning supreme as Alchemy of Souls takes the fifth spot, with Ghost Doctor in the ninth spot. Extraordinary Attorney Woo has enthralled fans from the get-go for not only Park’s portrayal of a lawyer on the autism spectrum but its impactful stories of criminal cases.

Kim Eun-bin stars as an attorney on the autism spectrum

Netflix and Korean production companies have developed a handful of resonating K-dramas. In recent years, the streaming platform has premiered K-dramas with leading characters on the autism spectrum, with Extraordinary Attorney Woo being the latest addition.

Park stars as Woo Young-woo, a female character with a high IQ of 164, incredible intellect, and memorization skills. She breaks ground as Korea’s first ASD (autism spectrum disorder) attorney. Young-woo is hired by one of Korea’s top law firms and personally aided by the CEO.

Along the way, her ASD hinders her but becomes her biggest strength in the courtroom. Despite having a habit of talking about whales, Young-woo proves her knowledge of the criminal code, and thinking outside the box brings due justice. Fans have also become intrigued as Young-woo also seems to develop a romance as a mystery behind her mother starts to brew.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday on Netflix

Like a majority of K-drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo will have a total of 16 episodes. Thankfully, fans get the added anxiety of waiting for new episodes as the K-drama airs weekly. Netflix premieres a new episode every Wednesday and Thursday at 11 a.m. EST.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo stars Park alongside Run On actor Kang Tae-oh as Lee Junho. In the role of Young-woo’s boss is Kang Ki-young as Jung Myung-seok. The rest of the legal team stars actors Ha Yoon-kyung and Joo Jong-hyuk. All of Us Are Dead actor Jeon Bae-soo stars as the lead character’s father, Woo Gwang-ho. In the role of Woo-young’s close and only friend is Joo Hyun-young as Dong Geu-ra-mi.


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