‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Season 2: Everything We Know and Plans to Keep Original Cast

Netflix’s popular K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo is coming to an end. But fans received the big news that the K-drama might get a second season. The producers are hopeful to be able to continue the storyline of a Korean lawyer on the autism spectrum as she deals with life inside and outside of the courtroom. Here is everything to know so far about Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Extraoridanry Attorney Woo.]

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Season 2 planned for 2024

With the K-drama ending, many fans wondered if a second season was up for discussion as the storyline still had much to explore. Extraordinary Attorney Woo has also been Netflix’s big success for June and August.

According to Soompi, on August 17, the CEO of ASTORY, Lee Sang-baek, revealed possible plans for an Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2. He comments, “Thanks to the support of many people, we will produce Season 2 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The goal is to air Season 2 in 2024.”

The time frame seems like a distant future for fans, but Lee explains why plans are still tentative. “It is not easy to coordinate the schedules of the cast and production team, so we will have to go through a lot of discussion,” explains Lee. ENA also commented on the news of a second season: “Production for Season 2 is currently in talks.”

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The second season plans to keep the original cast

Fans have fallen head over heels with the K-drama’s main cast and its characters. Park Eun-bin has enthralled audiences with her on-screen presence and portrayal of a lawyer on the autism spectrum. It is hard to imagine an Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 without the original cast. But will they return?

According to Lee, they have plans to keep the original cast as much as possible, along with the director and writer. “As long as there are no unexpected changes, the goal is to maintain more than 90 percent of the same members as now. For this reason, it will take a considerable amount of time to coordinate, but the plan to produce Season 2 has not changed,” explained Lee.

But according to reports, some of the cast reveal they have not heard plans for a second season. Fans also wonder if actor Kang Tae-oh will be able to return as Jun-ho. As fans are aware, the actor is set to enlist in the military for his mandatory service. Military service in South Korea can last up to two years.

According to Soompi, the actor told Elle magazine he is grateful to Extraordinary Attorney Woo. “Due to this drama, I’m so glad that I can confidently say ‘I’ll be back safely.’ I feel more reassured than disappointed,” said Kang. Fans will have to wait and see if the main cast returns.

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‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ will hopefully pick up after the finale

For now, fans are unsure of how the K-drama will end as the finale will air on August 18 at 11 a.m. EST on Netflix. The storyline gets interesting as Young-woo’s family drama could becomes public.

The public might soon learn she is the daughter of Tae Soo-mi, the CEO of Taesan Law Firm. The K-drama revealed that Young-woo’s father and Soo-mi got pregnant in college. But Soo-mi comes from an affluent family and planned to terminate the pregnancy. Young-woo’s father begged her to have the baby and raise her alone.

Years later, due to unforeseen fate, Young-woo comes face to face with her mother. But due to inter company rivalry with Min-woo, he revealed Young-woo’s secret to a reporter, who confirmed the rumor with the CEO of Hanban. The CEO of Hanban has her own agenda against Soo-mi and uses Young-woo.

It is safe to say that the finale for the K-drama will leave fans wanting more. But until Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 is fully confirmed, Lee explains they will keep up the anticipation with merchandise, a musical, and the original webtoon.

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