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Netflix’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-drama ended with high ratings and praise from fans. The finale left fans pleased and the small possibility of a new season. Before the K-drama’s end, reports stated plans were in the works for a second season with the original cast. But lead actor Park Eun-bin voices her thoughts on returning for Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 and its challenge.

Park Eun-bin as Young-woo discusses 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' Season 2.
Park Eun-bin as Young-woo in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ | via ENA

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Season 2 has not been greenlighted

On August 18, Soompi reported that the CEO of ASTORY, Lee Sang-baek, has hopes for the K-drama to return for a second season. Tentative plans are for the new season to return sometime in 2024. Lee explains the staff and cast returning requires some discussions.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo ended on a good note with Woo-young (Park) rekindling her relationship, finding a place where she belongs, and a sense of fulfillment. But fans wondered if a new season would arouse the drama of Woo-young’s mother becoming public. The second season could explore more storylines and cases.

If possible, the K-drama director plans to keep 90% of the original cast and staff. But some of the cast reports say they have not heard any news of a new season. Park Eun-bin is unsure if she could commit to Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2.

Park Eun-bin gives her honest opinion of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Season 2

The reports that the leading cast is unaware of an Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 seem true. According to AllKPop, Park explained her doubt about returning to her role as Woo-young. While the K-drama was a massive success, landing double-digit ratings, the process of representing an autistic lawyer on screen was not easy.

“I did not receive any official confirmation of season 2. I only found out through the news reports like everyone else,” explained Park. “Before I accepted this project, I struggled with a significant amount of doubt and pressure. If I were to return for a sequel, then in order to meet the great expectations of the viewers, I would probably need to overcome even more doubt, even more pressure, and muster up a greater resolve than was required of me the first time.”

But Park’s concerns about a new season do not end there. “If I were to share my honest thoughts, I feel that ‘Attorney Woo’ as it is now is a project that was wrapped up neatly with all of the affection that I could have given it given,” said the actor. “So if I were asked to unwrap it all, then give it more affection of a different kind, I would be at a loss over how to go about it.”

In terms of her character’s story, Park explains she sees Young-woo becoming a better lawyer in Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2. But “I also feel that I would be happiest leaving Young Woo’s next steps to imagination.”

The K-drama has given its cast newfound fame

There is no denying that Extraordinary Attorney Woo became one of the best ‘Slice of Life’ K-dramas for June into August. The drama told the story of Korea’s first autistic lawyer working for one of the country’s top law firms. Along the way, she learns about life in and out of the courtroom.

The K-drama stars Park in the leading role, who became well known for her work in The King’s Affection. Her co-stars have also gained immense fame, like actor Kang Ki-young. The actor is often recognized for his supporting roles. He gained main cast fame thanks to the K-drama.


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According to Soompi, Kang told Esquire, “I’m so excited at the anticipation of wondering what image I’ll be able to showcase next time.” Actor Kang Tae-oh has also received love for his kind and handsome character in the K-drama. Joo Jong-hyuk also gained attention, but more so for his portrayal of the drama’s most hated character, “tactician” Kwon Min Woo.

But none of the cast, besides Park, have addressed returning for Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2.