‘Extreme Sisters’: Christina and Jessica Claim They’re Psychics, Predicted Sibling Divorce

TLC is always ready with a bizarre new show concept for fans to scoop up, and this time, they’ve settled on Extreme Sisters. The show follows sisterly pairs who are simply attached at the hip. They do everything together, and are much closer than the average set of siblings. Interestingly, pair Christina and Jessica believe that they are psychic, even going so far as to claim that one predicted the others’ divorce, among other things. 

‘Extreme Sisters’: Christina says ‘spirit’ led the casting director

Christina and Jessica of 'Extreme Sisters'
Christina and Jessica of ‘Extreme Sisters’ | TLC

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As with many such TLC shows, it’s immediately apparent that the Extreme Sisters Christina and Jessica are unique. However, the uniqueness extends to their personal beliefs as well. The pair believes that they are psychic. 

They also believe in the pseudoscience of Reiki healing, an alternative medicine that promotes belief in energy healing. Oddly, the pair claims they infuse their food with energy from their bodies that they then consume — assumedly back into their bodies. 

“So we’re spiritual and we’re psychics. So we use energy to basically create our lives. And we were really ill and we discovered that Reiki-charging our food actually gave us good health,” Jessica claimed to The List during an exclusive interview. 

“So basically you’re taking energy and you’re transferring it from your mind into a thought and that into energy for your hands. And then you’re putting that energy into the food before you consume it. But it’s all about vibrations. Everything’s vibration,” the Extreme Sisters star added. 

Their interest in spirituality and pseudoscience led the Bodega casting director to reach out. 

“And they reached out to us and then here we are. What’s interesting, what makes the story even more fun is the casting director actually found my website to get a psychic reading and actually contacted me to get a psychic reading to even get ahold of me,” said Jessica.

“Spirit led. Spirit led her,” added Christina.

Jessica claims her sister predicted her divorce

In case energy infused food wasn’t enough, Jessica and Christina claim that they can foretell the future. One of the Extreme Sisters pair even claims she predicted her sisters’ divorce. 

And so with our abilities, we’re actually intuitive together so we can feel each other’s energy. So it’s like telepathy for each other, but then we also can see other people’s futures,” claimed Christina.

“And each other’s. We like to butt into each other’s business a lot with our psychic abilities,” she added.

“She predicted my divorce,” said Jessica.

The ‘Extreme Sisters’ dish on filming the show

The Extreme Sisters feel as if they were meant to be on the show. And it sounds as if they enjoyed the filming process.

“Gosh, I honestly think we were meant for this. We forgot that the cameras were even there. It was almost like we were on a journey and they came at a really interesting time when our life was taking a lot of twists and turns. And they were just there to capture that,” Jessica told The List.

“So I definitely loved it. I look at it more as a journey that I experienced that I get to watch back and really learn from and take notes from. They came at a very interesting time. I will say that, as far as our sisterhood and our personal journey that we were in. So it was fun,” added Christina.