After ‘F9,’ 9 Other Fast and Furious Movie Car Scenes to Watch

The great thing about The Fast Saga reaching F9 is that when you see F9, there are eight more Fast and the Furious movies you can watch to maintain the thrill. There’s nine more if you count the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff. Still, you can only watch so many Fast and the Furious movies, and we do recommend you watch them all. 

F9: Vin Diesel behind the wheel and Michelle Rodriguez in the passenger seat
Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel | Giles Keyte/Universal Pictures

If you have fully exhausted the Fast Saga, Showbiz Cheat Sheet is here to help. Here are 9 more fast and furious car scenes from other movies you can find to tide your family over. 

‘Bullitt’ might be the original ‘Fast and the Furious’

Bullitt actually ties into The Fast and the Furious because Steve McQueen chases a Dodge Charger like the one Vin Diesel drives in the films. The 1968 classic always turns up on rankings of best car chases for good reason. The chase through the hills of San Francisco was filmed on location back in the day where they had to just block streets, spin cars and hope for the best. 

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‘The French Connection’ c’est le fast et la furious

Bullitt’s partner on all those lists is The French Connection. The classic cop drama features a stunning New York chase scene in which Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman) races a train. That’s more than a quarter mile between stops. 

‘The Blues Brothers’ was fast, furious and funny 

The Blues Brothers was a road comedy in the vein of the Smokey and the Bandit movies. Those comedies crashed a lot of cars, including an epic police car pileup in this film. The sequel, Blues Brothers 2000, actually topped the cop car pileup but we couldn’t in good conscience, recommend Blues Brothers 2000 just to see that. 

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‘The Road Warrior’ was fast and furious, mate

Australian director George Miller took car chases to the next level with techniques like attaching cameras to the front of cars to capture the speed of the pavement beneath them. His sequel, The Road Warrior, featured many fast and furious chases in the desert apocalypse, climaxing with Max (Mel Gibson) driving a fuel truck to escape bandits. 

‘The Rock’ was fast and furious in the ‘90s

Most of the action of 1996’s The Rock takes place on Alcatraz prison. But, to get John Mason (Sean Connery) to help them, FBI agent Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage), must chase him through the streets of San Francisco. Goodspeed crashes a Ferrari while Mason plows through traffic in a Humvee. 

Both ‘Italian Jobs’ are mini fast and furious 

The 1969 heist movie The Italian Job used Mini-Coopers as part of an elaborate heist. It remains one of the best car chases ever filmed. The 2003 remake brought a modern level to the fast and furious heist, capitalizing on Mini-Cooper’s resurgence. 

There wasn’t a faster, more furious movie than ‘Baby Driver’ in 2017

2017 was one year that there was a faster, more furious than the Fast Saga entry The Fate of the Furious. Two months later, Edgar Wright’s action movie Baby Driver came out. You could pick any scene in this, from the opening getaway to the climactic parking garage demolition, all with musical style set to Baby (Ansel Elgort)’s soundtrack.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ was 30 years in the making 

Furious Seven and Mad Max: Fury Road both came out in 2015. Furious Seven is so good that they’re pretty close, but Miller returned to his franchise with 30 years worth of new ideas. Multiple scenes in this movie qualify too, from the opening chase into a sandstorm to the finale with guys swinging back and forth on poles trying to snatch people from moving cars.