Faith Evans Responds to Stevie J’s Divorce Filing and Contradicts His Date of Separation

Faith Evans isn’t letting Stevie J get away with trying to get her for spousal support in his divorce proceedings. Despite reconciliation rumors of the musical couple, Stevie is moving forward with the split. And now, Evans is fighting back. The two have been married for three and a half years and do not have any children together.

Faith Evans and Stevie J
Faith Evans and Stevie J attends the 2018 Black Music Honors | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Faith Evans says she and Stevie J have been separated since 2020

In Evans’ divorce response, she cites the date of separation as May 29, 2020. Stevie however lists the estranged couple’s separation as Oct. 19, 2021. He lists the reason for the split as “irreconcilable differences.” 

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Despite such, Evans has posted several photos and images of the two on her Instagram page since the date of separation listed on Stevie’s documents. As a result, many feel the couple are still together, or at minimum are still residing in the same household. 

The singer and producer are battling over spousal support

Madame Noire reports that Stevie is requesting that Evans pay spousal support throughout their ongoing divorce proceedings. The amount he wants is not listed. But Evans has responded with her own petition and is asking a judge to terminate the court’s ability to award Stevie spousal support. In his filing, Stevie asked the court to deny Evans any support financial from him.

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In her documents, she requests that “all property acquired prior to marriage, by gift, inheritance, or devise, and after the date of separation.” Evans states that contents that the exact nature of such assets and debts is not yet fully known. Once discovered, she promises the court that she will amend her petition or supplement it at the time of trial. 

Whether or not the two have a prenuptial agreement is unknown. If they do not, they will be required to split all income earned during their brief marriage 50/50 under California law.

Stevie J accuses Faith Evans of cheating on him

Popular YouTube vlogger Tasha K leaked a video on Nov. 16. In the video, which was recorded by Stevie, he yells obscenities at his wife while accusing her of cheating on him. The video opens with Evans trying to get away from Stevie as he follows her with the camera, dropping multiple F-bombs and calling her b—–s. 

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“F–k you, too,” Stevie snaps. “I ain’t goin’ nowhere. I hate you, too.” He then accuses her of cheating with other men in his home. “You f—–g n—-s in my house. F–k you b—h…How could you disrespect me though?” he asks her. “I ain’t do nothing to you. All I did was love you and you do that to me? How could you do that to me?”

Stevie took to Instagram before the Thanksgiving holiday to apologize to Evans for the video leak. He alleges his belongings were stolen and that’s how the video leaked.