‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’ Will Show MCU Fans the True Aftermath of ‘Endgame’

What happens after the reverse snap and the death of key Avengers in Endgame still has hot anticipation since it’s expected the Marvel world will be in a polar opposite place from where it’s been.

So far, only Spider-Man: Far From Home showed the immediate aftermath, with previews of The Falcon & Winter Soldier being the only extension of the timeline.

Debuting in August on Disney+, F&WS will be the first Marvel product showcasing how two famous Avengers are dealing with a new America that managed to overcome Thanos. Presumably, this time period will take place in the not-too-distant future, despite maybe being a ruse in how rousing things look.

Things do look more revived in the trailer, yet the social issues mined will likely give a dark parallel to where we are in reality.

Sam Wilson will possibly be tested in numerous ways

The cast of 'Falcon & Winter Soldier'
The cast of ‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’ | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

One of the things confirmed in The Falcon & Winter Soldier is the U.S. government has trotted out a new Captain America, much to the chagrin of Sam Wilson. Considering the latter was personally chosen to take the Cap shield in Endgame, seeing a new white guy named John Walker take over is going to raise some eyebrows.

Since it shows Walker being touted as some kind of new He-Man by governmental decree in a crowd-filled stadium, it seems to line up with the predictions the show will explore internal race issues.

With Sam being African-American, having his new role as Cap being ripped away by America’s own leadership is almost like having the first black President being usurped by white nationalists.

Maybe the show won’t go in this direction, if still poised to. It could lead to a showdown between Sam and Walker, perhaps proving this new Avengers future isn’t quite so rosy.

What kind of challenges will Bucky face?

From all indications of the trailer, the whole series is going to be molded as a spy thriller in the vein of previous Captain America MCU movies. As such, it means the terrorist Baron Zemo is coming back based on a scene of Bucky attempting to shoot him at close range — albeit dumping out his bullets.

For Bucky Barnes, his test will be in testing his abilities as Winter Soldier after previous years of being brainwashed, fitted with an artificial arm, and finally having his memory restored. He’ll be keeping the torch lit for his close friend, Steve Rogers, someone who apparently exists in the same timeline as an old man.

Not that Steve will likely be seen, unless there’s a surprise or two up the sleeve of Kevin Feige. Maybe Steve will have passed on by the time period when the show starts. Being a WWII vet, he’d be close to 100 if the show is set a few years ahead of 2020.

If he’s not there, Bucky showing his mettle as basically a rebooted superhero would technically mean he’s living up to the Captain America code. Whether he’ll help Sam reclaim this title is something worth thinking about.

Will Sam and Bucky stay allies?

Dealing with the aspects of race in Sam’s predicament could create a lot of complications. One of those is whether Bucky will stand by Sam’s side in helping latter win over the American populace in becoming the next Captain America.

What would happen if Sam and Bucky have any falling out? There could be some explorations of that, especially with Bucky as Winter Soldier looking basically renewed, including being fully shaven with short hair.

Also, one has to think there had to have been some envy on Bucky’s part of Steve handing his shield to Sam. This alone could test the waters of friendship loyalty and whether it also bleeds into issues of Sam’s race.

Should the show go deep into social issues like this, it’ll be equated to what America is going through now in ripping the lid off racism as seen too often in the news lately.