‘Fall Guys’ Season 1: Season Pass, Rewards, and Everything New in Free-to-Play Launch

It’s officially a free-for-all in Fall Guys. The chaotic battle royale video game finally went free-to-play on June 21, introducing tons of content and goodies as part of Fall Guys Season 1. Here’s everything players will find in the new and improved Fall Guys, including a season pass, veteran player rewards, new currency, and more.

Speed Circuit in Fall Guys Season 1
Speed Circuit in ‘Fall Guys’ Season 1 | Mediatonic

‘Fall Guys’ is now available on several platforms

Firstly, new and veteran fans of Fall Guys can now play the game on more platforms than ever before. The free-to-play version launched on Nintendo Switch, current and last-gen Xbox consoles, and PlayStation 5. Plus, on PC, fans can find the game on Epic Games Store.

The new platforms also come with crossplay: the ability to join Fall Guys parties with players on different platforms. Plus, Fall Guys supports cross-progression, so players can start the game on one platform and continue on another by logging into their Epic Games Store accounts.

New rounds in ‘Fall Guys’ Season 1

Fall Guys celebrated the free-to-play era by launching season 1 with new Rounds for players to compete in. As a Fall Guys blog post reveals, one new Round is Hex-a-Ring, in which players must between hexagonal tiles while the floor rotates. There’s also VolleyFall, which puts a chaotic spin on the classic game of volleyball. Finally, there’s Speed Circuit: players must run three laps around the track without getting knocked into slime.

New obstacles in ‘Fall Guys’ Season 1

Fall Guys players can expect to see challenging new obstacles in season 1. They’ll find Blast Balls throughout the levels, which basically turn into grenades when picked up. Players only have a few seconds to throw Blast Balls before they explode. There are also Jump Ropes, which players can use for an extra boost to the finish line — if used correctly. Finally, Bouncy Floors allow players to bounce through the course if they have enough balance and control.

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The first season pass and currency changes


Those who would like to purchase the Fall Guys season pass will gain access to Costumes, Emotes, and Celebration unlocks across 100 levels. And if players can max out everything, they’ll unlock the pass for season 2. A progression path is also available to players without the season pass.

Fall Guys has also added a new currency and made changes to the existing currencies. Players can now purchase Show-Bucks from the in-game storefront, which can be used to buy the Season Pass and other rare goodies. Meanwhile, Kudos will now be used to purchase common items. Players can no longer spend Crowns, but these will go toward Crown Ranks.

Rewards for existing ‘Fall Guys’ players

Lastly, Fall Guys is giving out a bundle to players who logged in before the switch to free-to-play. This Legacy Pack includes the season pass, as well as costumes, a nickname, and a nameplate.

Fall Guys is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the Epic Games Store.

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