‘The Family Chantel’: Nicole Jimeno Is Hiding This Heartbreaking Secret From Her Family

In The Family Chantel Season 4, Nicole Jimeno tells the cameras about the heartbreaking secret she’s felt forced to keep from her family. Since getting back with her ex-boyfriend, Alejandro Padron, her relationship with her mother, Lidia Jimeno, hasn’t been the same. What is the big secret that Nicole is hiding from her mom?

Nicole Jimeno crying while discussing her miscarriage to her friend Corima on 'The Family Chantel' Season 4.
Nicole Jimeno, ‘The Family Chantel’ Season 4 | TLC

Nicole and Alejandro had a miscarriage

Earlier this season, Nicole revealed that she had become pregnant with Alejandro’s baby. The 28-year-old revealed that Alejandro was ready to become a father and vowed to take care of her even if it meant having three jobs.

However, she ended up in pain at the clinic when she discovered she had miscarried the baby. She was alone and scared and decided not to tell her mother, Lidia, or her brother, Pedro, about the pregnancy or the miscarriage.

Alejandro says, “After the miscarriage, Nicole, she has been very depressed. A lot of anxiety. She was calling me all of the time, crying. I have never seen Nicole like that. Never in my life.” Nicole admits that Alejandro was the one who was constantly there for her in the middle of the night when she couldn’t sleep.

Nicole doesn’t want to tell her mom about her miscarriage

In The Family Chantel Season 4, Nicole and her mother’s relationship has been difficult since Alejandro came into her life. Nicole said that her miscarriage had been one of the hardest things to ever happen to her in her entire life.

Nicole confides in her friend, Corima, about the state of her relationship with her mother. She said, “I used to have a nice family, a good relationship with my brother, my mom.” She admits, “I feel more lonely now than ever.”

Since their fight, her relationship with her mom has only worsened. And now that she’s back together with Alejandro behind her mom’s back, she’s nervous about how much worse it will be.

Nicole has to choose between her boyfriend, Alejandro, and her mother, Lidia

On the August 15 episode of The Family Chantel, Alejandro comes to the Dominican Republic to see Nicole. He brings her something special, his signed and completed divorce documents proving that he’s been telling the truth to her.

Nicole was excited to show her mother the divorce papers to show her that she was right for believing Alejandro. However, Lidia wouldn’t even look at that documents and refused to speak to Alejandro.

Being forced to choose, Nicole chooses her mom over her boyfriend and leaves him in the street. Will Lidia also put an end to her daughter’s relationship too? Fans will have to tune into next week to find out if Nicole will finally confide in her mom about her pregnancy and miscarriage.

New episodes of The Family Chantel air Mondays at 8 pm EST on TLC.

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