‘Family Feud’: ‘Loud and Energetic’ Personalities Are Most Likely to Be Cast as Contestants

Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey is one of the most entertaining game shows currently on the air. It’s been running for quite a long time, so you know it must be doing something right. So how does the show achieve its winning formula? How does it continually put out product fans will continue to enjoy year after year? The answer is simple. Family Feud favors loud and energetic contestants when casting. Here’s some background on the show and why they do that. 

Steve Harvey in front of a Family Feud board next to the cast of RuPauls Drag Race
Family Feud | Byron Cohen via Getty Images

The set-up of the show Family Feud

According to Live About, the show pits two groups of contestants against each other. Both groups are families. First, one contestant from each side is called up to the podium. The host asks them a question that a group of random people was surveyed on. The contestants are then required to buzz in and say an answer they think is likely to appear on the board. If they get the top answer, they win the board. If they get an answer below that, the other contestant is eligible to take a guess and win the board back. 

From there, the family with control of the board can keep guessing until they win the entire board or guess incorrectly three times. In the case of three incorrect guesses, the board goes to the other family. At the end of regulation play, the family with more points gets to pick two contestants to play a final round where they’re asked several questions that people were surveyed on. They then need to guess what the most respondents said. If they get to 200 points, they win the game and $20,000. 

The history of Family Feud

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The show has had multiple hosts throughout its history. Richard Dawkins was the first host. He was followed by Ray Combs. Other hosts have included Louie Anderson, John O’Hurley, Louie Anderson, Richard Karn, and the current host, Steve Harvey

The current iteration of the show is popular due to Harvey’s comedic background and persona. Harvey’s hilarious reactions to inexplicable answers by contestants is a current highlight of the show. He also can have funny reactions to guests who get overexcited about answering correctly or winning the game. Harvey’s approach is due to his time as a stand-up comedian. He’s a performer by trade and has great hosting ability. Whether it’s on stage as a comic or on his radio show, Harvey knows how to milk an audience for all their worth. The lively contestants only feed into Harvey’s talent for calling out the absurd. 

What types of contestants are most likely to be cast on Family Feud? 

So how do Family Feud’s producers come up with the right combination of contestants who will work well with Harvey’s laid back, funny style? According to one behind the scenes look, they attempt to “game the system” so to speak by looking for contestants who will fit the profile of what they need. 

Eternal Lifestyle covered some behind the scenes details about the show. You may be thinking of auditioning for the show and if so, may wonder what kind of audition will get you considered. According to producer Sara Dansby, those with the loudest personalities tend to get the nod: 

“There’s no such thing as too over-the-top. Pick the most outgoing members of the family when putting together your team. We love loud and energetic contestants.”

That means that if you’re ever in a position to possibly appear on the show, accentuate your personality. Don’t be afraid to celebrate. Pick the family members who enjoy being loud and engaging.

It makes sense that the people behind the show would have this strategy. After all, when it comes to a show like Family Feud, over-the-top personas typically come across as more entertaining. Quiet, reserved types don’t make for great TV in quite the same way.