‘Family Guy’ Is So Controversial It’s Banned In Several Nations

In the very late-90s, Family Guy rose to fame in the United States. It is an animated TV series that often displays satire in many of its jokes. The show became popular for its comedy, but many fans recall multiple emotional moments.  

There are plenty of people who do not like Family Guy for one reason or another. Several countries have taken issue with some of the episodes. Multiple nations outright banned the series from broadcasting on their television networks. 

‘Family Guy’ is a cartoon about the Griffin family

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Family Guy first aired in 1999 and has a total of 19 seasons. It airs on Fox, and the premise focuses on a man named Peter Griffin.

Peter is married to his wife Louis, and the two have three children. Living with them is their anthropomorphic dog called Brian.  

The family lives in a fictional town in Rhode Island. They constantly go on misadventures along with recurring characters like Quagmire. Some of the cast members include Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green, and Mila Kunis. The animated sitcom often features well-known celebrities as guest stars. 

The show found success early on and drew in millions of viewers. While Family Guy received widespread acclaim, it is not shy to criticism and controversy. One of the key elements of the show has been shock humor, which likely contributed to people petitioning Fox to take the series off the air. 

The sitcom got canceled twice, but it has plans for another season. Over the years, fewer people have remained interested in tuning in. There are multiple reasons for the decline, such as the leads being parodies of themselves and the length of airtime. 

‘Family Guy’ is a show people love to hate

Lois Griffin of 'Family Guy'
Lois Griffin of ‘Family Guy’ | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

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Some average viewers have their gripes with the show, and a couple of other satirical sitcoms aired their criticisms. The Simpsons often made jokes at Family Guy‘s expense. Of course, Family Guy made fun of The Simpsons right back. The famous feud led to a crossover episode at one point. 

The creators of South Park are not silent about their hatred for Family Guy either. In one season, they made a two-part episode that mocked the latter series. The feud appears to be one-sided, and the South Park creators made it known that they do not respect Family Guy‘s content. 

At the height of Family Guy‘s success, there were as many fans enjoying the series as there were people who did not. After all, the show’s bold humor and approach make it easy for people to switch the channel. Perhaps, others see the appeal in that aspect. 

Multiple Countries completely censored ‘Family Guy’

When it comes to serious or offense topics, Family Guy does not shy away from them. However, Fox decided not to air a specific episode due to the nature of the topic. Family Guy often pushes the envelope, but there are some boundaries they cannot cross. 

While it is not the only show to deal with complex issues, some places still banned the animated sitcom entirely.

One country that prohibits the show is Egypt, according to Screen Rant. The ban was due to moral censorship and religious reasons.

Russia removed Family Guy from the air because it was too immoral. 

Iran was not a fan of the series having gay characters.

Other nations that banned the show are South Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Offensiveness and indecency tend to be common complaints in countries without hefty free speech protections, according to CBR

Other countries have censored individual episodes instead. It is unknown if some nations lifted their ban on Family Guy