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Family Karma Season 3 is only starting to heat up and Bali Chainani said the temperature is only going to rise.

“It’s an intense season across the board for all of us,” Chainani told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “There’s obviously a lot of highs. There’s a lot of celebrations, but there’s a few lows. You know, we tend to inject ourselves into things that are not really our business just because … Just because I have a cute outfit on and I don’t feel like being ignored (laughs). So I’m going to say something.”

‘Family Karma’ wedding-type highs will have some lows, Bali says

Chainani teased that highs from the big fat Indian weddings this season will be offset by some lows. “I think you see a lot of us go through emotional highs and lows across the board,” she said.

O'Malley Dreisbach, Bali Chainani, Amrit Kapai on a beach in 'Family Karma'
O’Malley Dreisbach, Bali Chainani, Amrit Kapai | Monica Schipper/Bravo

“I don’t think any of us are really spared this season,” she added. “But, it’s life. You can’t make that s*** up. Things are not unicorns and rainbows all the time. And it was just one of those years that all of us had some really great stuff going on, but some real s*** that we had to deal with.”

A game of ‘Family Karma’ telephone returns again this season

As with past Family Karma seasons, Chainani hinted that the game of gossip telephone is alive and well – especially where she is concerned.

“I find myself in that pickle. That’s literally the story of my life. I find myself in pickles like that all the time,” she said. “Do I find myself conflicted? No, because if you know me, you know that I’m going to tell it as it is. And I have a very tough time filtering what I’m thinking. I’m not great at that.”

She teased that someone in the group is wronged and she refused to stand by. “So my trigger is somebody being or something being said that’s just unfair,” she said. “And I don’t care who is, even if it’s somebody I’m not a big fan of, and I think that something is untrue or unfair, I’m going to say something about it.”

“That really is my trigger,” she added. “If it’s something that doesn’t bother me and I really don’t care, I just keep on sipping champagne and keep it going and keep it moving. But if I think that something is blatantly unfair or they’re misinformed, then I definitely have no issues chiming in and setting the record straight.”

Bali faces trouble from her ex-husband this season of ‘Family Karma’

Chainani’s storyline takes her down a tough road with her ex-husband. “Bali and her boyfriend, O’Malley, are at a great place in their relationship, but an ultimatum from her ex-husband forces her to make a life-changing decision,” according to Bravo.


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“I mean, do I need to say any more? An ex equals trouble, right?” she shared. “Like an ex is an ex for a reason. I’m looking forward to watching the season with my particular storyline. I’m interested in how people will react and I think that it will be therapeutic for me.”

Chainani wouldn’t reveal what happens with her ex but hopes the season will be healing. “Because when you’re going through it, it’s really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel because you’re just in go, go, go, go mode,” she recalled. “And my focus was just to get through it. And now that we’re here I’m really excited and hopeful that I can speak out to even one person. Or speak to even one person in a similar situation and help them. And hopefully, with the comments, the love, the hate toward me, I heal and I learn.”

Family Karma is on Sunday night at 9 pm ET on Bravo.