‘Family Karma’: Brian Benni’s Mom Is Every Mother In America

Bravo’s Family Karma is quickly becoming one of the more relatable reality series on television as viewers are already commenting on Twitter about their newfound love for the docuseries.

Family Karma follows the lives of seven Indian families living in South Florida. The history-making show tracks the relationships between the millennial children and their parents and also the friendships and tight bond they all share.

Toolsie Benni, Brian Benni, Dharma Benni
Toolsie Benni, Brian Benni, Dharma Benni |Tommy Garcia/Bravo

An upcoming preview punctuates how viewers are nodding along with the series, seeing a number of situations they’ve encountered themselves. Like many Indian children, twentysomething Brian Benni lives at home with his parents. While he clearly has a playful and close bond with his mother and father, cameras capture a moment that likely has every mother in America saying, ‘I’ve been there!”

Boomeranging it hard for everyone

Although Indian children may return to live at home with their parents after college, many children nationwide are living at home. Skyrocketing rent and home prices, coupled with anemic salaries keep a number of millennials living under their parent’s roof. And while many parents enjoy seeing their children on a regular basis, re-assimilating to mom and dad’s house rules can be challenging — for everyone.

Brian’s mother Dharma finds herself in the same quagmire nearly every mother encounters … a messy bedroom. Cameras pan Brian’s room, covered in clothing on the floor and items strewn across every surface in the bedroom. He brushes the mess off, unbothered by the clutter, which of course has his mother shaking her head.

In an upcoming preview, she tries to wrap her head around the mess asking her son how he even knows which items of clothing are clean. He, of course, has the perfect answer.

The smell test is pretty scientific

Brian is an IT professional and it appears he works long hours. However, his mother confronts him on the state of his room to which he tells her he’s just a little behind with cleaning. But Dharma emphasizes that she’s been asking him for months to get his room in order. “Can you tell what are your dirty clothes, what are your clean clothes from the piles that you have,” she inquires.

Brian is quick to answer that he can most certainly discern between the two. “You know what that’s called? The smell test!” he exclaims. Of course, she seems completely grossed out. “Why are things on the floor,” she still wants to know. He says he’s “backed up” but she’s not buying it. At this point, Dharma is just praying for her son to find a wife to handle the matter. Up the stairs, they go to investigate the scene.

Cameras enter Brian’s room which looks like a Macy’s clothing sale explosion. While Dharma emphasizes the sock bin in disarray, Brian is more concerned with the fact the dog chewed a hanger in his room. Like many moms, Dharma has this message for her son. “I love you at home, but step it up a notch,” she says to him in a confessional. “Your future wife has high expectations.” Meanwhile, Brian’s father Mike sits by his side nodding. So he’s in training basically right?”

Does Brian finally clean his room? Or will he eventually move out? Find out when Family Karma airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. / 8 p.m. central on Bravo.