‘Family Karma’ Brunch Filmed at Miami’s Iconic R House Wynwood – Home of Famous Drag Brunch

The Family Karma cast met at the iconic R House in Wynwood, one of the hottest drag brunch spots in Miami, truly a destination to see and be seen.

R House hosts drag brunch, but also popular drag shows on weekend nights. Celebrities like Gloria Estefan, Billy Porter, Brandi Glanville, and more have been spotted at the legendary destination. Tickets to drag brunch are in high demand and performances are paired with a five-star menu.

‘Family Karma’ filmed at the best drag brunch spot in the country

R House was named at the top of the best drag brunch spots in the US. Travel site Thrillist called R House the perfect stop after a long night of club hopping.

R House drag performer dances in front of a table outside the restaurant as seen in 'Family Karma'
A drag performer performs at the Drag Brunch at R House Wynwood | Jason Koerner/Getty Images

“R House, a gay-owned Latin restaurant located in Wynwood, offers a wildly popular and wildly theatrical drag brunch at the merciful hour of 2:30 pm, which will give you time to sleep in and recharge (they also offer an earlier 11:30 am slot for those who went to bed at a reasonable hour),” according to the review.

“The boozy brunch is locally revered for its rambunctious performances, impressively physical dance moves, bottomless mimosas and mojitos, and a family-style feast of hangover cures — chimichurri cheeseburger sliders, cayenne-spiced fried chicken, Cubano croissants, and French toast with guava syrup and coconut flakes (all for $50 per person). They offer vegan options, too.”

R House drag queens must have ‘star quality’

The menu and bottomless cocktails get the party started, but the incredible drag performances keep the fun going. Performer, Athena Dion is determined to build a drag dynasty at R House and revealed what she looks for in a performer.

“First they gotta be easy to work with,” she told Queerty. “You don’t want to share a dressing room with a b*tch. They have to have high energy and they have to have star quality. They have to be able to engage with a very diverse audience and manipulate a huge room and patio.” 

“I think it’s really important for any entertainer to know your audience before you go in somewhere. And this is something that a lot of entertainers have to learn,” she said. “Because drag is an art, but you have to understand sometimes you’re performing to express yourself and sometimes you’re performing to entertain an audience. And, yes, they can go hand in hand sometimes. But you have to really know, am I hired here to do one thing or the other? Sometimes you do have to give the audience what they want. If these girls want to see Britney Spears or long- a*s remixes of Lady Gaga, then you’re gonna do that and you’re gonna make money. And then you reap the reward.”

‘Family Karma’ cast did drag brunch to celebrate Amrit – but the chai tea was spilled

The Family Karma cast hit drag brunch at R House to celebrate Amrit Kapai who made partner at his law firm. The friends had a blast watching the impressive performances, but ultimately brunch turned into a gossip session.


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After maybe too many mimosas, Kapai revealed that Rish Karam’s sister said her brother was cheating on girlfriend Monica Vaswani. Meanwhile, Vaswani focused on moving in with Karam and hopefully getting engaged.

Drag brunch ended with the friends in a quandary about what to do with this tea. And Anisha Ramakrishna summed it up perfectly in a confessional. “The chai has been spilled and I have third-degree burns. No one deserves this, not even Monica.”