‘Family Karma’ Cast Will Face ‘Difficult Choices’ That Could Have ‘Dire’ Consequences, Amrit Reveals [Exclusive]

The Family Karma cast reached a turning point during the latest episode with Monica Vaswani and Rish Karam confronting rumors he cheated on her. But also will Richa Sadana will ever sign the marriage license if Vishal Parvani won’t stop drinking?

Amrit Kapai, who has the uncomfortable duty of telling Vaswani about the rumor, especially after Brian Benni spilled the gossip to Karam, said the season is filled with life-changing decisions.

The ‘Family Karma’ cast face ‘difficult choices’ this season

Kapai teased a season of challenges for the Family Karma cast. “With any friend group, there are ups and downs,” he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “There are moments when we’re happy and moments when things get really difficult. You’re really going to see that firsthand just how intricate the relationships are, the dynamics of the friendships.”

Vishal Parvani, Amrit Kapai from the 'Family Karma' cast talk on the beach
Vishal Parvani, Amrit Kapai | Monica Schipper/Bravo

The Family Karma “kids” aren’t the only cast members who face challenges and conflict. “Not just between the younger kids, and when I say kids, I’m 36. It’s cute that I refer to myself as the kid at 36!” he laughed. “But the younger generation. And then the level of the parents above us. Because it’s not very easy when things get out into the community. It doesn’t just affect us. It affects our parents and our parents have had friendships much longer than ours.”

Gossip and rumors have consequences, Amrit said

Vaswani was angry when Benni, who is a longtime childhood friend, went to her boyfriend about the rumor before saying anything to her. She was also pretty upset that the Family Karma cast gossiped about the rumor before she knew anything about it.

“It’s a very, very delicate balance,” Kapai said. “Things are going to surface about people in our friend group. Things are going to surface about relationships. And you’re going to see people faced with a lot of really difficult choices. Because, again, the consequences of anything that’s spoken and anything that surfaces in our community are pretty dire.”

Vaswani made it clear to Karam that she was ready to get engaged, but he had yet to pop the question. This season will be a turning point in their relationship and the rumor appears to have set their journey in motion.

The next episode could be a turning point for the ‘Family Karma’ cast

Kapai also gets married this season. “But that being said, not to be too somber and dramatic, we get to see two beautiful weddings,” he said referring to his and Paravni’s wedding. “Vishal and I getting married within a couple of months of each other. It was just perfect in my mind.”


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“We’ve done everything together,” he said reflecting on their decades-long friendship. “I’m about 60 days older than him. But born the same year, two months apart. We did all of life’s big moments together from grade school to high school, graduation to college, and our first jobs. And now this. And who knows what might happen.”

Kapai is in the middle of celebrating his wedding with Parvani, who is given an ultimatum from Sadana. Parvani gears up for Kapai’s bachelor party, but he may not make it after a blowout fight with Sadana over his drinking. Also, Family Karma viewers are left hanging when Karam tells Vaswani he’s lied to her – but did he lie about?

Family Karma is on Sunday night at 9 pm ET on Bravo.