‘Family Karma’: Does Brian Benni Ever Move Out of His Parent’s House?

Brian Benni from Family Karma bravely allowed cameras to show the disarray hiding behind his bedroom door.

His mother wondered how his room became so out of control as clothes covered the floor. How does Benni know which clothes are clean when they aren’t put away? He confidently told his mother he uses the “smell test.” Of course, she shakes her head hoping her son will clean his room soon.

Toolsie Benni, Brian Benni, Dharma Benni
Toolsie Benni, Brian Benni, Dharma Benni |Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Benni told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that he is very close with his parents. “My parents and I are extremely close and I’m an open book with them, so we are all very vocal on what works and what doesn’t work as you grow older living together,” he said. “I am definitely moving out very soon and will not be at home until marriage.”

Getting ready to move

Benni joked about the scene in his room. “The laundry thing will always be challenging for me but now there are many services to help with that … one day I’ll eventually get good at the laundry thing,” he said. Adding, “[Filming] caught me on a bad day!” he joked.

Hopefully, Benni will only have himself to answer to as he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he’s found an apartment in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. “My parents are really cool but it is time for me to move out,” he shared during the Family Karma red carpet event. “I’m 28 and it’s time to spread my wings.”

He laughed,” Either way I’m not moving that far. It’s 20 minutes away.” Benni said at the time he hadn’t made the move yet but found the right apartment. He admits, “It is expensive! I don’t want to spend that much money, I want to save up!” But Benni was looking forward to hopefully moving into his own crib soon.

The cost of living is high, especially for millennials

Adult children living at home isn’t really a cultural thing. The number of adult children living with family members has increased since 2000, CBS News reports. Specifically, more than one in five adults or 22% of millennial Americans live at home, according to Zillow. In the year 2000, only 11.7% of millennials lived with their parents.

Several factors come into play for the trend. Crushing student loan debt collided with anemic wages. Rising rent and home prices create an environment for many millennials to feel as though living at home is their only choice.

Larger, urban areas have the most number of adult children living at home with Miami being toward the top of the list. Approximately 31% of adult children in Miami (Los Angeles, New York) live at home.

He’s also embracing his heritage

In addition to the common theme of adult children living at home, the Indian culture is also featured on Family Karma. Benni shared that he shied away from talking about being Indian when he was younger.

However, he has a new appreciation for his culture now that he’s older. “I think what changed for me is; as I got older, more mature, and more confident, I learned how to navigate the jokes and snarky remarks,” he said. Benni added that he wasn’t bullied about it as a child. “Everyone gets made fun of no matter what nationality you are,” he said.

Adding, “When you truly own something and love it to your core, no one can really bother you. What I love most is the culture overall and obviously the music and food. There are many quirky fun parts of Indian culture like family get-togethers and just being able to completely [free on board] out with your family.”

Family Karma airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. / 8 p.m. Central on Bravo.