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When it comes to K-dramas, certain shows are known as must-watches that broke Korean cable television history as the highest-rated. Hotel Del Luna became the most-watched show on cable in 2019. Even after the show’s initial end, worldwide fans got hooked on its fantasy/romance storyline and female lead. U.S. fans missed out as the drama was initially only available through Viki, a popular Asian streaming service. Netflix announced to stream the drama in September of 2021.

Man-Wol and Chan-Sung 'Hotel Del Luna' holding hands in show poster
Man-Wol and Chan-Sung ‘Hotel Del Luna’ on Netflix | via Netflix

A hotel owner paying for her past crimes

K-Pop idol and actor IU stars in the female lead role as Jang Man-Wol with actor Yeo Jin-Goo as Gu Chan-Sung. Man-Wol must atone for her past indiscretions and be forced to become the owner of Hotel Del Luna. The hotel is far from ordinary as it is only visible at a particular time under special circumstances. Its purpose is to help souls who must come to terms with their unfinished business before passing to the afterlife and continue their process of reincarnation.

Man-Wol has become cold, bitter, and bad-tempered over the years. This changes when she meets her new hotel manager Chan-Sung. Due to an agreement made by his father with Man-Wol, Chan-Sung must become the hotel’s manager and overcome his fear of ghosts. Chan-Sung is calculated, rational, and initially clashes with Man-Wol.

As time progresses, Man-Wol and Chan-Sung change their demeanor and learn compassion and even start to fall in love. Along the way, they protect each other from harm as audiences watch mysteries unfold and uncover the truth about the hotel’s owner.

Available on Netflix in September

While the K-drama may have ended its run in 2019, it is still one of the most-watched dramas by new and returning fans. The show aired on tvN in South Korea and became the twelfth-highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history. U.S. fans missed out on streaming the drama as it was only available through Viki. Netflix announced Hotel Del Luna would stream to U.S. audiences on September 2, 2021.

Netflix users will finally be able to watch Man-Wol as she’s described as a “boss” character who holds her own and does not need a male lead to save her. While fans will fall in love with her, the budding romance between her and Chan-Sung will capture hearts. Viewers beware as the drama’s ending will require a box of tissues.

Fans call it a drama worth watching


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Hotel Del Luna is a K-drama that piques interest but needs to be watched to understand its storyline and why fans get hooked. One Reddit user explains the drama gets fans invested in each character and its storyline only delves deeper as the episodes progress. The user even describes how the show had an unexpected, lasting effect.

The drama has many nuances that enthrall fans as one Reddit user also comments that the show handles its cinematography, visuals and character development, and backstory incredibly well. Not to mention the drama interweaves outside character stories that add depth and emotion to the overall show.