Fan Reactions to Kim Kardashian’s Bathroom Design

After Vogue interviewed Kim Kardashian for their video series “73 Questions With,” fans had lots to say about the design of her bathroom in her self-described “minimal monastery” home.

Her bathroom is bigger than New York City apartments according to one fan. Twitter user, @jamesss_101, shared their thoughts about the size of Kardashian’s bathroom.

“Kim Kardashian’s (@KimKardashian) “BATHROOM”, is bigger than my entire apartment just look at the view” they tweeted, according to Hollywood Life.

They’re not exaggerating. The bathroom is big. The shower alone could fit at least 20 people. And as Kardashian said in an Instagram Story video she shared on April 17, 2019, the bathtub fits all of her kids.

Confused by sinks, Kardashian posts tutorial

Fans were baffled by Kardashian’s sinks — or lack thereof — so much so that Kardashian felt compelled to share a tutorial on how the sinks work.

“Since everyone is a little bit confused about our sinks, I thought I would just show you guys a little tour,” she said in her Instagram Story video, according to E! News. “So the sinks. Kanye [Kanye West] drew this. Kanye, Axel Vervoordt and Claudio Silvestrin all did this sink.”

“There’s a slit for the water,” Kardashian said, as she demonstrated by turning the faucet on. “And it goes in. You can put it on as high pressure as you want and no backsplash will come up.”

While the sink left people baffled, the lack of another bathroom staple certainly did the same.

In response to a tweet from Kardashian about her “sink tutorial,” Twitter user @missgeme asked, “Kim pls where are the toilets though? Pls show us.”

No toilet visible

Now Kardashian may baffle the world again because her bathroom doesn’t have a toilet? At least one we can’t see from her Vogue video or the bathroom tour she gave on her Instagram Story.

We’re guessing that Kardashian’s toilet, like her 130-inch TV that comes up from the floor in her bedroom, is hidden somewhere in her bathroom. While her home gives off serious minimalist vibes, there’s a lot of hidden technology. Even her light switches are different, with only three dots for on, dim, and off.

Kim Kardashian's bathroom
Kim Kardashian’s bathroom | Vogue YouTube

‘I run around the house with towels’

As for keeping her bathroom and the rest of her white and beige adorned house? Towels.

“Oh my God. I run around the house with towels,”  Kardashian told Architectural Digest. “You just have to take a deep breath and say, ‘Ok, it’s going to happen. We decided to have light colors.’”

To keep her kids from damaging the interior of her home, Kardashian lets her kids go to town in their “playroom.”

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | Presley Ann/Getty Images for ABA

“We have a great playroom, and that’s where all the markers and the paints and the colors are and I really overdo it in the playroom so that by the time they’re done there they have no desire to take a pen on a nice piece of furniture,” she said.