Fans Accuse Cardi B of Snubbing Her Stepchildren, Prompting a Response From the Rapper

Cardi B and Offset are a happy family of six. They are parents to Jordan, Kody, and Kalea, whom Offset shares with other women, and their daughter, Kulture. But because fans rarely see Cardi B post everyone, some have started to accuse the “Bodak Yellow” rapper of “snubbing” her stepchildren.

Cardi B performing at an event in October 2019
Cardi B performing at an event in October 2019 | Rick Kern/WireImage

More on the latest drama surrounding Cardi B

Ace Showbiz reports that the drama started some time in June when Kody’s mother, Oriel Jamie, posted clips on social media of the older kids hanging out. This led fans and bloggers to believe that Cardi B keeps Kulture away from her siblings — something she denied in a string of subsequent Instagram posts. She reportedly shared a video of the four playing together along with the caption, “People be so thirsty to create they own narrative it’s not even funny.”

“Like the fact you gotta bring kids up to make a narrative (that’s) in your f*ckin head is disgusting,” she allegedly said in another video.

Going on, she continued, “Imagine not liking me sooo much (that) you gotta (talk) about my family business cause I don’t post it online….These weirdos really need mental health (treatment) to be so invested in my life that (they) make (up) a story about my kid.”

As a final word, she added: “It’s a special type of mental illness that when you got nothin else to talk about me you start talking bout my family. People act like they live in your garage.”

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Cardi B’s past comments about her stepchildren

Cardi B has not publicly said much about her stepchildren but after her September 2017 marriage to Offset, sources told HollywoodLife, “Cardi is all about family, and now that she and Offset are family, his kids are her family too.”

“Cardi‘s right by Offset’s side, she’s ride or die,” the source continued. “Cardi has a huge heart and she’s ready to give love to Offset’s kids and be a stepmom.”

Some time after the wedding, Jamie called out Offset for not introducing Kody to his stepmother. His other baby mama, Shya L’amour, who is mom to Kalea, also called out both of the rappers earlier in 2020 over child support. But Cardi B’s latest comments seem to suggest that things might be on the mend.

Do Cardi B and Offset want more children?

Cardi B and Offset have indeed expressed a desire to have more children. But Offset told Us Weekly in an interview published on April 8 that he wants to wait a while before they continue to grow their family.

“I want [Cardi] to stay focused,” the Migos member explained. “She’s on her album. I don’t think that would be fair to her fans or her or her career. So nah, not right now.”

“Just let her get her second album out and get her a big tour behind that and just spread her wings a little bit more. She’s not new, but she’s new,” he continued.

Cardi B has said she intends to release an album some time in 2020, but details are limited. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for updates as they become available.

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