Fans Are Disappointed That Chip and Joanna Gaines Debuted 10 New Shows for Magnolia Network But Kept Their Own Series Secret

Chip and Joanna Gaines knew their fans would be upset to hear that their highly anticipated return to television was delayed — again. Originally, their television network, Magnolia, was slated to premiere in summer 2020. That date got pushed back to October. Then, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced the former Fixer Upper hosts to postpone the launch indefinitely.

Knowing that their fans were itching for content in the meantime, Chip and Joanna started teasing a few projects on social media. Then on April 26, the couple showed off a preview of the network on DIY Network (the future home of Magnolia). The 4-hour long special was a look back and a look forward. But it was missing one essential feature.

Fans are slightly perturbed that the previews didn’t include any information on Chip and Jo’s new shows on the network.

Chip and Joanna Gaines
Chip and Joanna Gaines | Rob Kim/Getty Images

Chip and Joanna Gaines gave us a sneak peek of Magnolia Network

The Gaineses provided commentary for the special Magnolia Presents: A Look Back & A Look Ahead, which aired on a Sunday evening. The first 3 hours looked to the past, including the first-ever episode of Fixer Upper, a pivotal episode from the middle of the season, and the last episode they ever recorded (which was different than the last episode that aired).

The final hour of the special was the most exciting for fans looking forward to the new Magnolia Network. It included mini trailers for 10 of the shows that will premiere when Magnolia launches. Chip and Joanna also explained their motivation behind selecting these specific stories to tell.

The look forward certainly hyped fans for Magnolia. But it did not provide many details on what shows the Gaineses will be on themselves. The final few minutes of the special briefly teased those shows but did not reveal titles or much information at all.

What shows will be on the new Magnolia Network?

Here is a short breakdown of each show:

Home on the Road is a docuseries following husband and wife musicians Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano of the band Johnnyswim as they tour the country with their kids in tow.

Bespoke Kitchens highlights the England-based kitchen designers Paul O’Leary and Helen Parker at deVOL.

Family Dinner is a culinary show featuring celebrity chef Andrew Zimmerman as he explores the significance of family meals from a culinary and emotional perspective.

Restoration Road follows Fixer Upper favorite Clint Harp from Harp Design Co. as he meets up with craftsmen from all over America who are renovating old buildings.

Growing Floret showcases Erin Benzakein of Floret Flower Farm as she expands her sustainable organic flower farm in Washington state from 2 acres to 20.

The Fieldhouse is the inspiring story of Justin Bane, a former athlete who created a fitness facility that’s full of hope and inspiring stories.

Super Dad is an upbeat series where Taylor Calmus helps other dads build cool structures for their kids from scratch.

Home Work is a renovation show with Candis and Andy Meredith, plus their 7 kids, as they embark on transforming a 20,000 square foot former school into their dream home.

The Lost Kitchen features self-taught chef Erin French in her Maine restaurant, which only serves 50 people per night. The only way to get a reservation is via postcard.

Inn The Works is about charismatic inn owner Lindsey Kurowski plus her sister and her two brothers and their quest to restore Oak Knoll Lodge in Big Bear, California, a former campground from the 1920s.

Will Chip and Joanna Gaines star in any shows on Magnolia?

The Gaineses are working on several projects for Magnolia themselves, including a cooking show, a castle renovation, and potentially others. But during the preview special, the couple did not share more details about the names of these shows beyond a few cryptic clips. From what we’ve seen, it’s clear Fixer Upper won’t be resurrected, as we expected.

Hopefully, we’ll be finding out more about the shows Chip and Joanna will feature in soon. In the meantime, fans are thrilled to have more context for what Magnolia will be all about.