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Nobody can create a show called Sex Education and not have a romantic cliffhanger involved to keep viewers intrigued. This critically popular Netflix series has hit it off with viewers likely enticed by the title alone.

What they discovered was a well-made British dramedy about an awkward teenager (Otis) having mixed feelings about sex just because his mother (played by Gillian Anderson) is a sex therapist. Later, Otis starts to experience the complications of having a real relationship with a girl in school (Ola).

Asa Butterfield discusses Netflix show 'Sex Education.'
Asa Butterfield | Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Through the last couple of seasons, the show tackled numerous sexual subjects in an open way while accurately depicting a high school of the 21st century. While the show might have set up typical romantic plots, fans aren’t happy the show went in an overly conventional way in creating a cliffhanger between Otis and Maeve (Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey). These two seem destined to be more than just friends.

What are the real feelings between Otis and Maeve?

In the first season, fans saw Otis set up a sex advice business with Maeve in high school to help fellow students with their problems. Otis ultimately has as many sexual hangups, something seen played out in frank detail.

Otis and Maeve become close, though they aren’t really considered boyfriend and girlfriend. Maeve is already considered a bit of a bad girl, even if she and Otis see eye to eye on everything.

Both of then split the profits on their inside sex therapy business, running undercover to Otis’s mom’s real sex therapy career. His mom often meddles in his relationships, leading to major complications, sometimes on an embarrassing level.

Despite Otis being shown to have feelings for Maeve early on, he has relationships with other girls along the way, usually leading to awkward situations.

Maeve also had her own relationship problems

Maybe it’s cliched to have the high school teen who becomes pregnant. This is exactly what happens to Maeve due to her loose lifestyle. Nevertheless, she agrees to have other relationships with guys, including Jackson.

Any avid viewer of the show knows Jackson pays Otis for tips on how to win Maeve over, leading to a later drunken confession by Jackson at a party. At the same time, Maeve tries to steer Otis away from his relationship with Ola.

All of these relationship complexities are typical of romantic comedies, and the British certainly do it better than anyone. Even though Sex Education is a British-American production, it has the creative touches the Brits are known to use in their shows.

Perhaps the American sensibility took over when the cliffhanger at the end of Season Two caught fans by surprise at how contrived it was.

Fans and analysts think Otis and Maeve should be together soon

A good point was made by Screen Rant recently stating Otis and Maeve need to become a serious couple in the next season based on their astute understanding of one another. In the Season 2 finale, Otis sends Maeve a voice mail proclaiming his feelings, but the latter’s new love interest Isaac deletes the message.

Yes, this led to a typical “will they/won’t they” cliffhanger so many shows in America still use. Fans on Reddit are livid about this since they counted on the show is different from the ordinary.

As a rare show not afraid to be raw and honest about what teenagers go through, such a typical cliffhanger has many wondering if it’s worth watching any further.

The third season is on the way and likely to amend any concerns. What isn’t clear is whether the writing team will really let Otis and Maeve be intimate with one another.

Maybe the show learned from others that when two characters attracted to one another sleep with one another, it often ruins the dynamics set forward in the first place.