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When you live in the spotlight, it’s hard to hide things from fans and the general public. They know notice everything and devour every detail about their favorite stars — from a new hair change to style improvements.

Recently, fans zeroed in on rising R&B star Summer Walker, speculating that she made a change to her face after she posted photos they say look totally different in comparison to others. Here’s a closer look at some photos and what fans are saying about them.

Summer Walker at an event in March 2019
Summer Walker at an event in March 2019 | Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Recent photos of Summer Walker

The first plastic surgery talks began in mid-February when Walker took to Instagram and posted a photo in front of her mirror, per Ace Showbiz. It seemed that she was trying to show off a new tattoo she’d gotten on her neck, but fans could only focus on her facial features. They said that her nose was noticeably slimmer and accused the singer of getting a rhinoplasty.

Summer Walker appeared to ignore the noise and went on like normal. But as she continued to post online, the talks grew. The rumors made headlines in March and again on April 11, which was her 24th birthday. Amid the speculation, Summer Walker seemingly removed all photos of her from her Instagram page, but not before fans took screenshots and shared them on social media.

She has yet to address the rumors.

Summer Walker has admitted to getting work done

Although she has not commented on the latest rumors, it doesn’t mean they’re true. There’s always the possibility that this is the result of a good contour or certain lighting.

Also, don’t get it twisted — Summer Walker appears to have no shame when it comes to talking about plastic surgery. In an October 2019 chat with fellow R&B singer Ari Lennox, Summer Walker confessed she’s “into that sh*t.”

She then admitted that she had gotten butt enhancements and encouraged Ari Lennox to feel her derrière. “You know I didn’t want to do too much. I had a back that ran into my a**…so it was just a long back,” the Over It singer explained. 

The remarks are around the 4:30 mark. Be advised that the video contains strong language.

Perhaps she just hasn’t addressed the latest drama because, well, she doesn’t have to.

Summer Walker’s posts tend to get people talking

Yep — this isn’t the first time her social media posts have caused a stir. She got people talking back in March when she was seen being choked by her boyfriend, producer London On Da Track, in a video shared on Instagram.

Fans were seriously alarmed by the video and came to believe that she might have been in an abusive relationship. But Summer Walker pushed back on the rumors. She claimed in a later Instagram post that they were just playing around and that the producer — who is known for his work with stars such as Drake and Migos — would never do anything to hurt her.

 “London was playing y’all buggin, he would never try to really hurt me,” she wrote in the post, followed by a heart emoji and a face-palm sticker (via HotNewHipHop).

While she seemingly likes to post online and share updates with her fans, who knows if she will after all this drama.

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