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Kanye West rose to fame in the 2000s with numerous hit songs like “Gold Digger,” “Stronger,” and “Heartless.” However, these days, he seems to be making headlines for his unpredictable antics more so than his music career.

Now fans are also trying to decide whether his wife, Kim Kardashian West, should be held responsible for his controversial behavior. Some believe she has been “enabling” him while others disagree with this mindset.

Kanye West ad Kim Kardashian West
Kanye West ad Kim Kardashian West | Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Kim Kardashian West has stood by her husband through all of his recent scandals

In recent years, West has done a number of questionable things, such as saying slavery was a “choice,” supporting T.I.’s decision to put his daughter through “virginity testing,” and trying to run for president. However, Kardashian West has stood by her husband through all of them.

West has admitted to living with bipolar disorder though he does not always take his medication, which many people believe is the cause of some of his bizarre statements.

While some sources say Kardashian West does not always agree with his behavior in private, it’s clear she often tries to be loyal to West in public.

An insider also told Hollywood Life, “They have healthy discussions and disagreements constantly over things. It’s one of the many things Kanye loves about Kim. She may not always agree with his thoughts and ideas, but she will never not stand by her man.”

Some fans think Kardashian West should be held responsible for West’s actions

While it’s one thing to be supportive of a partner, some fans think Kardashian West’s loyalty is veering into the territory of “enabling” someone to potentially cause harm to others. As such, some people are urging her to call him out on some of his actions.

One person said on Reddit, “People will hound the Kardashians about their scandals and gossip, but they need to hound Kim to force Kanye to get help and take a stand against him. This isn’t funny anymore… The things he says are highly divisive and problematic and harmful. I am black and I find Kanye to be very problematic in his rhetoric and opinions. Kim needs to speak up and take a stand.”

Another fan also wrote, “Kim is enabling this. I don’t know if she thinks it’s funny or whatever but it needs to stop.”

Some people think it’s not fair to make Kardashian West responsible for a grown adult


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However, some fans think it is not exactly fair to make Kardashian West responsible for West’s actions, especially since women have a history of being pressured to take care of their adult partners.

“I don’t think Kim should have to be responsible for Kanye’s mental health,” one fan noted. “He’s an adult, he should know how to behave and act like one and that includes taking meds that are needed.”

Another person shared, “He himself chooses to not use medication for this mental disorder and to have these manic episodes as a result. If people want Kanye to take his medication, they should pressure him, not Kim. I also hate that women are always held responsible for the mental health of the men in their life. It’s the same as when people were saying that Ariana Grande was responsible for Mac Millers death.”