Fans Barely Recognize Summer Walker In New Pics Following Plastic Surgery Rumors: ‘Who the F*ck Is This???’

Fans have followed Summer Walker ever since the release of her debut mixtape, Last Day of Summer (2018). She rose to become one of the most visible artists on the R&B scene after gaining mainstream attention with her breakout hit “Girls Need Love.” But Walker is a bit of an elusive person, often dodging and retreating from the spotlight.

After not releasing any new photos for a few weeks, she recently returned to social media with a string of new pictures. But fans could barely recognize her, accusing Walker of getting plastic surgery and making extreme changes to herself.

Summer Walker performing at a music festival in September 2019
Summer Walker performing at a music festival in September 2019 | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Summer Walker now

In recent weeks, we haven’t heard very much from Walker. We figured she’d stepped away to deal with her alleged split from producer London On Da Track and to create new music. (She announced on May 16 that she has an EP coming out “soon.”) But after seeing her latest photos, fans believe that she might have been recovering from plastic surgery.

During the week of May 10, Walker uploaded a handful of photos to Instagram that show her with what fans say are totally different features. They hit the comment section claiming that she has a bigger butt and curvier hips. The remarks come a few weeks after Walker shared photos that had fans convinced she got a rhinoplasty.

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Fan reactions to Summer Walker’s latest photos

Fans shared their thoughts on Instagram and Twitter, arguing that Walker looks like a totally different person.

“Summer walker doesn’t look like Summer Walker anymore,” read one tweet.

Posting one of the singer’s latest Instagram pictures, another fan tweeted: “At this point I’m convinced summer walker got hacked. like who the f*ck is this???”

“Summer Walker got more work done to her butt and hips. Nooooo,” read another tweet.

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Others say Summer Walker looks amazing

Other people are here for it, saying that Walker looks amazing and “Barbie-like.” Some also pointed out that the singer is free to do whatever she wants.

“summer walker looks like a completely new person but she has the money to do whatever tf she wants so find something different to talk about,” read one tweet.

“I keep reading horrible tweets about Summer Walker changing her appearance. Why does society have to be so cruel? If she’s happy, that’s all that matters. Stop shaming her and comparing her before and after pics. She’s beautiful on the outside and within. Period,” said another tweet.

Welp, they are totally right about that one. Walker oozes confidence in her latest photos and appears to be digging herself. But it’s worth pointing out that she has yet to address the plastic surgery rumors. As some fans noted, her appearance could simply be the work of a good contour or image-editing app.

It’s unclear if Walker ever will ever speak out and clear this up, but she has owned up to getting plastic surgery in the past, saying in an October 2019 interview that she received butt enhancements.

“You know I didn’t want to do too much. I had a back that ran into my a**…so it was just a long back,” the Over It crooner explained to singer Ari Lennox.