Fans Blast Fabolous and Emily B’s Pregnancy Announcement After Domestic Violence and Lengthy Relationship

Allegations of domestic violence could have cost rapper Fabolous his career. Things were looking down for him for some time. Aside from critics giving their take on his alleged actions, he lost out financially when some of his performances were canceled as a result of his arrest. But, he and his longtime girlfriend Emily B stuck things out. The couple are expecting their third child together but are facing backlash from their pregnancy announcement because of previous events.

Fabolous and Emily B
Fabolous and Emily B via Twitter

Fabolous was accused of physically attacking Emily B

Billboard reported that an incident between Fabolous and Emily B took place in March 2018. The rapper allegedly became enraged when he discovered Emily B was in LA without his knowledge.

According to police reports obtained by the outlet, he sent threatening texts to Emily B, writing that he wanted to hit her in the head with a baseball bat – and that he wanted to kill her but he “did not want to go out like that.” 

Source: Instagram

At some point, things turned physical and leaked hospital records revealed that Fabolous hit Emily B with such force that two of her teeth had to be extracted by a dentist. TMZ later released a video that showed Fabolous threatening Emily B, her father, and brother with what appeared to be a gun.

He eventually turned himself in and was booked on charges of aggravated assault and terroristic threats. He accepted a plea deal that kept him from behind bars. Instead of serving any time, Fabolous was sentenced to a domestic violence prevention workshop. 

He later spoke to Hot 97 regarding the incident, saying:

Source: YouTube

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From the video point, it looks crazy. I’m not trying to excuse myself, it was really more of, like, an internal thing with us going through the motion of what was happening. Our emotions and a lot of things that was building up with our relationship and our family…I apologize for coming across in a light that I wouldn’t want to be represented in. People make their opinions and it’s hard to, after the fact, change somebody’s opinion on seeing a video of something because people still see with their own eyes and they just make their own judgment.

Fabolous, Hot 97

Fans criticize Fablouous and Emily B after pregnancy announcement

Fabolous and Emily B have put on a united front since the incident happened. The typically private rapper – who failed to acknowledge his relationship with Emily B in the past and during her time on Love & Hip Hop – began boasting of his love for her on social media almost immediately after the incident.

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Emily B has never spoken of what occurred between her and Fabolous, but she has posted a few cryptic messages to her Instagram story in the aftermath, hinting that their relationship is worth fighting for.

Things must be going great as Fabolous announced on Father’s Day 2020 that he and Emily B are expecting their third child together. The couple are parents to two sons and this time, they are welcoming a baby girl. Fabolous is also a surrogate father to Emily B’s adult daughter from a previous relationship.

“Got the best gift ever for Father’s Day! #GirlDad,” he captioned a photo of a sonogram.

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Many social media users were not supportive, citing the domestic abuse incident and their nearly two-decade relationship. 

“He’s a “girl dad” but hits women…what’s not clicking,” one asked on Instagram under a repost on The Shade Room.

“The only reason Fabolous the raccoon married Emily B was to shut her up & keep her from testifying against him. Dassit. Ratatouille isn’t a #GirlDad. He’s a controlling, manipulative abuser,” another wrote on Twitter.

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During Emily’s time on Love & Hip Hop, she expressed that Fabolous did not acknowledge her publically and referred to her as his wardrobe stylist. Despite such, she revealed that she wanted to marry him. At the time of her being on the show, they were already together for almost a decade. 

“Still no ring,” another wrote on Instagram.

Some are calling Emily B foolish.

“Fabolous definitely put juju on Emily B, because she has to be under a spell,” one Twitter user wrote.

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There are rumors that Emily B and Fabolous secretly married, but none have been confirmed. Congrats to the couple on expanding their family.