Fans Call Aaron Carter ‘Desperate’ With His Latest Attempt to Get People to Subscribe to His OnlyFans Page

Aaron Carter continues to try and draw fans to his OnlyFans page that he shares with his girlfriend, Melanie Martin. He’s posting things on his Instagram and Twitter pages in an attempt to get people to subscribe to the social media site. Read on to learn about his latest attempt to get people to subscribe.

What is OnlyFans?

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

OnlyFans is a social media service where people can subscribe to certain profiles for a fee. Fans have to pay to have access to content including photos and videos. Profiles can feature a variety of things. If you take a look at Carter’s OnlyFans account, you can’t see much unless you’re a subscriber.

He’s charging $26 a month for exclusive access to the content he posts with his girlfriend. The account was called “Aaron and Melanie” but now it sports the name “Aaron Carter.” There are 49 posts and a total of 36 photos and six videos with 7,400 likes. His bio says: “Private eyes they’re watching you… they see your every mooove :).”

Aaron Carter posts about his OnlyFans page and fans react

In Carter’s latest attempt to talk up his OnlyFans page, he posted an image of the OnlyFans logo. “Link In Bio,” Carter captioned the post.

Fans couldn’t help but respond to the post on Carter’s Instagram in the comments section. A number of fans were disappointed about the price Carter is charging for his content on the social media site.

“**** $26 is expensive for 6 vids,” an Instagram user commented.

A number of people don’t seem to be very receptive to Carter’s new social media. “This is sad,” said another user.

“ONLYSCAM 🤡,” said an Instagram user.

A few people decided to have fun with the situation. “Shoulda called it AARON’S PARTY😂,” said one user.

One fan calls Carter “desperate.” “Desperate for money,” they said.

People aren’t happy about the price

A fan of Carter’s thinks he’s charging a lot of money especially with a lot of people out of work because of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“I can see why you want to do this but that seems like a lot of $ especially for the majority of your young fans,” said an Instagram user. “Also, are you aware that many are out of work because of the pandemic? Please think about lowering the price or postponing this for now.”

Someone suggests Carter do something else to make some extra cash instead of promoting a profile on OnlyFans. “You know you can just make some music? Write a book? People will buy it? No need to rip people off LOL 26$? 😂😂😂😂,” they said.

A number of people commented to let Carter know the link was broken to his OnyFans page. It appears it was down at some point or Carter changed the link, but it’s back up and working now. People have a lot of thoughts when it comes to Aaron Carter promoting his OnlyFans account.