Fans Can’t Get Enough of the Lyrics to Halsey and Marshmello’s ‘Be Kind’

On May 1, Halsey and Marshmello released their collaboration track “Be Kind.” The comforting song and lyric music video brought reassurance during a time of uncertainty, and like every song Halsey releases, fans are in love with the lyrics.

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‘Be Kind’ is a reassuring song

Based on the title and the illustrations in the lyric video, one might assume the lyrics to “Be Kind” are upbeat and happy. However, that is not the case. The lyrics instead focus on someone who is struggling.

“Wanna believe, wanna believe / That even when you’re stone cold, you’re sorry / Tell me why you gotta be so outta your mind, yeah,” Halsey sings in the first verse.

As “Be Kind” progresses, Halsey implores the subject of the song to work through their issues and treat the one they love with kindness.

“I don’t know why you hide from the one / And close your eyes to the one / Mess up and lie to the one that you love / When you know you can cry to the one / Always confide in the one / You can be kind to the one that you love,” she sings in the chorus.

Halsey’s fans love the lyrics to ‘Be Kind’

Because of the song’s message, fans of Halsey particularly love “Be Kind.” With Marshmello’s production, the song is different than Halsey’s past work and fans praised the versatility in her music.

“MANIC (duh) experiment on me the other girl be kind halsey is making every sound imaginable in 2020 despite…well despite everything,” one fan tweeted.

While the song sounds different than anything Halsey has released this year, the lyrics in “Be Kind” are similar to Halsey’s past work, in that the song poetically takes on a difficult concept, making it both sad and uplifting. Because of this, Halsey’s fans were particularly drawn to the lyrics of the song.

“When Halsey said ‘You can be kind to the one that you love’ I felt that a little too much #BEKINDxx#BeKind,” tweeted a fan.

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“The lyrics are so important please pay attention to them! specially with everything going on right now. take all music as an escape #BeKindXX#HalseyBekind,” wrote a Twitter user.

“halsey: be kind is a fun little summer song!!! me: *crying bc the lyrics hit home*,” one fan tweeted.

Halsey released her most recent album in January

On Jan. 17, 2020, Halsey released her third studio album Manic. The album received critical acclaim and was also a commercial success. Some fans noticed the similarities to the lyrics of “Be Kind” and Halsey’s songs “Graveyard” and “Without Me,” which were both singles on Manic.

“ok did be kind make anyone else actively sad when you first heard the lyrics? to me it’s like graveyard where it sounds upbeat but then you listen to the lyrics and you’re like: ohhhh ouchie especially cause i understood it as a conversation going on in her head about herself,” a fan tweeted.

“hear me out be kind is a plea to the one that she loves, asking them to be kind & fair bc she’d do anything for them without me is a goodbye to that love. a breakup note, if you will graveyard is a observation of that love. a realization of how far she would have gone for them,” a Twitter user wrote.