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Fans love enjoying the films and shows that are close to their hearts, but they also love ripping them to shreds. No show is safe. From The Big Bang Theory to The Golden Girls, fans are quick to find continuity errors and bring them to the world’s attention.

This tendency is even more pronounced in projects that have intertwining pieces. It’s a lot harder to keep everything straight when you have multiple projects in play, each with their own set of creatives working to bring everything together. 

This makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe particularly vulnerable to critiques from fans. Now keen-eyed fans may have found a clear example of a continuity error in Avengers: Infinity War

Fans have found other errors in the MCU

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. | Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

This new complaint about Infinity War is certainly not the first time that fans of the MCU have spotted an error. Some things that fans have spotted and pointed out in the past include the oversight of leaving out the name of  Danai Gurira — who portrays Wakanda warrior Okoye — on the film poster for Avengers: Endgame

Fans have also expressed frustration over the way that the timeline between different films does not line up. In particular, the mention of “eight years later” in Homecoming does not line up with the events in The Avengers, which would have to be the case if the timeline is literal.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, has insisted that fans shouldn’t take the timeline quite so literally, but that hasn’t done much to comfort them. 

A fan has spotted a continuity error in ‘Infinity War’

Now it appears that yet another complaint about continuity has come forward. A fan posted on Reddit with images to show the alleged error. User SofiBK claims that the scene where Vision dies has a visual error. A closeup shot shows Vision’s chest when it is “not damaged at all.” However, just a few seconds later, Vision is shown with a hole in his chest. 

A few fans took to the comments to affirm that this was, indeed, an error. “Nice catch,” one wrote. Another noted that there was “for once, an actual ‘HOLE'” in the plot, both making a pun about the hole in Vision’s chest and poking fun at all the other would-be sleuths who had found errors that weren’t actually there. 

Not everyone is convinced the error is really an error


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Still, not all the fans on Reddit see this visual discrepancy as a true error in continuity.

“You can’t see the top image clearly and he’s at a different angle. From what I recall he gets the chest wound from being speared from behind by Corvus Glaive,” one wrote in response to the claim.

It could be that the hole is there in both shots but simply obscured from view because of the camera angle. This is especially likely if the wound was sustained from behind, where the damage would be more pronounced. 

Others just took the opportunity to make a few jokes about the excuses Marvel creatives have used when called out on previous continuity errors. “Pym particles son. The answer to every [M]arvel related question…is pym particles,” one commenter noted. “Well obviously the paradox from time-travel shenanigans is setting in rapidly,” another quipped. 

Obviously, even if the disappearing hole was a continuity error, it wasn’t a major one that disrupted fans’ experience of the film. Still, this kind of close inspection of detail demonstrates just how carefully fans are paying attention when they re-watch their favorite films.

It means that the entire Marvel team — from the writers to the costume department, from the sound effects to the CGI animators — has to be on top of their games.