Fans Notice That Tom Holland Appears to be Linked to ‘Venom 2’

Something curious happens when you google Tom Holland. For some reason, Google claims that Holland has two upcoming movies. One of the flicks, Uncharted was announced months ago. It is currently on pause due to Coronavirus concerns. The other upcoming film, however, is a bit unexpected. According to the search engine, Holland will appear in Venom 2, an upcoming comic book flick from Sony. The news is kind of a big deal for fans, but is the information factual? Probably not.  At the very least, he won’t be starring in the flick.

Will Tom Holland appear in Venom 2?

While Google seems to think Holland will appear in Venom 2, insiders have not confirmed whether or not that will happen. Holland is attached to several projects for Sony, but Venom 2 doesn’t appear to be one of them, at least not publicly. According to Holland’s IMDB profile, he will appear in Uncharted in 2021, and an untitled Spider-Man flick, slated for a 2021 release, as well.

When you check out the cast of Venom 2, Holland’s name is also absent. Tom Hardy will reprise his role as Eddie Brock, while Michelle Williams will take on the part of Anne Weying. Woody Harrelson is slated to play Cletus Cassidy. Venom 2 is still expected to release in October 2020. While Holland isn’t officially attached to the film, there is some evidence that his Spider-Man character exists within the Venom universe.

There are some hints that Sony plans to link Spider-Man to other films

While Holland’s appearance in Venom 2 is unconfirmed, some clues suggest it could happen. Sony seems particularly interested in linking Spider-Man to other films it’s producing. The trailer for Morbius is a perfect example. In the trailer, several easter eggs appear that link Spider-Man to the Morbius storyline. Spider-Man is a particularly strong candidate for a crossover when it comes to Morbius, but is the same true for Venom 2?

The Morbius trailer also appears to link Venom to the storyline. If Morbius and Venom both exist in the same universe, then it would stand to reason that Spider-Man also exists in that universe. Since Spider-Man is clearly referenced in Morbius, then it’s entirely possible he could also show up in Venom 2, although Sony is keeping quiet on that possibility. Fans believe, at most, Holland’s Spider-Man will make a cameo in the film.

Google has led Marvel fans astray before

While the odd Google information is exciting for Holland fans, Redditor users were quick to rain on the parade. One Reddit user reminded fans that Google had led them astray in the past. Before Avengers: Endgame debuted in April 2019, a Google search showed that Hugh Jackman was attached to the film. The internet collectively lost its mind. There was one serious problem though; Jackman never appeared in the film.

So, how does a mistake like that happen? Some fans believe that the Google algorithm has an information gathering glitch that just populates fields with the most searched for terms. So, if a ton of people search for Holland’s name in connection with Venom 2, the algorithm will assume he will appear in the flick. Another theory is that the search engine is merely populating fields with frequent headlines. People have long questioned Holland’s association with Venom 2, meaning there are plenty of online articles that suggest he’ll show up in the movie, even though there is no concrete evidence that that is the case.