Fans Are Obsessed With Kim Kardashian West’s Look in Her Latest Photos: ‘She Looks Like 2012 Kim Again’

Kim Kardashian West showed off a more natural look on Instagram and fans were loving that her pouty lips looked a little less plump in the new pics. It drummed up a huge discussion about whether she needs lip filler or if she should steer clear of the injections.

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Kardashian West celebrated Scott Disick’s birthday

For Scott Disick’s birthday, the Kardashian-Jenner clan gathered for a small party. Kardashian West shared photos from the shindig and admitted it was good to be with people but it felt strange since the quarantine and need for social distancing amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Kardashian West captioned the series of photos, including one where she held an ice cream cone and posed with Disick: “We celebrated Scott’s bday a few weeks ago with just family and it was really my first time being around a group of people (small group). It was kind of nice but kind of scary too. How is everyone feeling about being out and about?”

Fans noticed something different about Kardashian West

Kardashian West sported a muted blue crotched top and pants in the same color in the pics — and fans couldn’t get over how her lips were looking a lot less plump than they have in the past. They loved the more natural look on Kardashian West.

A discussion kicked off on Reddit when one fan noted: “Gonna just say that Kim’s lips look SO GOOD after quarantine. I’m pretty easy breezy about people especially celebs doing whatever they want to their faces/bodies but it is also a relief to see Kim ‘natural’ again — those big injected lips she was rocking honestly looked uncomfortable.”

Other Reddit users agreed, with one commenting, “She seriously looks so good. I miss this style of Kim! She looks freaking stunning!” and another noting, “She is f*cking beautiful, she didn’t even need them.”

Others thought that Kardashian West looked younger, like a throwback to another time. “She looks like 2012 Kim again,” one person commented, with another Redditor noting, “She’s always had amazing lips, I agree they look so much better, they’ve not been messed with the past few months.”

“Her original lips were sooo perfect. I wish she had just left them alone,” another fan wrote.

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Is the photo edited or has she stopped with lip filler?

There was also some discussion about whether Kardashian West’s recent photos have been edited or if she is no longer getting filler.

“Unfortunately I think it’s mostly editing,” one Reddit user noted, adding, “She doesn’t really look like this in unedited paps shots etc. But hopefully some of it is filler dissolving. She was looking very masculine and ‘sharp’? for a while, it was freaking me out lol.”

They added that they wish the Kardashian-Jenners would be more transparent about procedures and plastic surgery, explaining, “Side note, remember when Kim said she can’t get Botox because she had that bad reaction lol. Just like she had x-rays to prove her butt was ‘real.’ I think it’s stuff like that is what makes people get annoyed about them having work done.”

There was also some discussion about the process of lip filler injections dissolving. “Lip filler slowly disintegrates so she doesn’t need to have it taken out,” one Redditor offered. “A Google search tells me they usually last 6-9 months. If she stops getting new injections they go back to normal after a while so that’s probably what happened…”

Another fan pointed out that it takes years for fillers to break down, noting, “the filler might not be all in her lips but it’s not dissolved” and shared that “it just spreads out on your face.”