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Kylie Jenner loves to change up her look. The Kylie Cosmetics founder always has fun with her hairstyle, and she hardly (if ever) repeats an outfit on Instagram. But Jenner recently re-posted throwback photos from a time when she had slate gray eyes — and fans thought she looked incredible.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner enjoys changing up her look

Jenner loves posting photos to Instagram, and she frequently surprises fans with a completely different look. Some days, she’ll rock short, dark hair, and other days, she’ll show up with some kind of long, neon wig. She’s been a fan of wigs for a while and somehow manages to make any style or color look great.

Fans have had mixed reactions about some of her looks. They seem to love her iconic dark bob, and her neon yellow hair was well received, too. But her super long ponytail that she wore on a weekend getaway wasn’t as appreciated by her fan base. Kudos to her for always trying something new, though.

She’s constantly doing something new to her nails, too

Jenner has loved showing fans her nails as well. Before quarantine, Jenner was getting her nails done every two weeks. Some fans freaked out about how long they were, and they questioned how she could possibly get anything done with them (such as changing Stormi’s diapers). She’s had some questionable nail looks, and one fan likened her pastel nails to “marker caps.”

But Jenner has also received a lot of positivity about some of her nail designs, too — it totally depends on the look she chose for that manicure. Now that she’s been spending her days inside, she’s actually ditched the acrylics and is letting her real nails get a bit healthier.

Jenner once wore slate gray contacts — and fans loved it

An Instagram account recently posted photos of Jenner with slate gray eyes, and Jenner actually reposted the images to her Instagram story. The colored contacts contrasted well with her makeup and outfit, and it was a look fans haven’t seen her wear very often.

Kylie Jenner reposted a photo of her gray eyes
Kylie Jenner reposted a photo of her gray eyes. | Kylie Jenner/burguesinhadluxo via Instagram

The responses on the original post were positive — most people loved how Jenner looked. “Literally perfection,” one user wrote. “She looks pretty with gray eyes,” someone else commented. “Looks stunning,” another person added.

Jenner has been on a ‘hair health journey’ since she’s been home

Jenner has been taking quarantine just as seriously as the rest of us. She’s hardly left her home except to go spend some time at Kris Jenner’s house in Palm Springs — and she likely didn’t leave the home while she was there, either. Plus, Jenner’s been treating herself to some self-care lately. The beauty mogul has removed all her wigs and extensions; she’s been sporting her natural hair, and removing her acrylic nails has probably felt like a weight lifted as well. It’s unclear if Jenner is still receiving Botox treatments in quarantine, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she took a break from those, too.