Fans Are Obsessed With Kylie Jenner’s New Hair: ‘This is IT’

Kylie Jenner loves trying new looks. Whether it’s a trendy outfit, brand new hair, or insanely long nails, she always lets her followers in on what kind of appearance she might be going for that week. Jenner has always loved changing up her hair, but her most recent style has fans in love — and it’s a look she’s never done before.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jenner’s hair has become a big part of her image

When Jenner first appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she was only nine years old. Through the years, she’s watched her sisters’ massive rise to fame, and now, she’s arguably the most famous member of her family (she recently surpassed Kim Kardashian West in Instagram followers).

As Jenner has grown up, her image has changed more and more. She’s physically altered the appearance of her face using fillers and Botox (it’s received mixed reviews from fans), and she’s also constantly changed up her hair, nails, and style, too. The one thing that never remains constant, though, is her hair.

Jenner can work any hair style.

She never keeps the same look for long

Jenner has openly said she loves wigs and extensions. When she rocks a new hairstyle, it’s almost never a permanent alteration to her real hair. (Jenner hardly shows fans her real hair in photographs, but she has let them in on it before.) The beauty mogul has worn every hairstyle from a dark bob, her signature look, to bright yellow hair — and everything in between. She’s even tested the waters with lime green and bright purple locks.

Jenner’s nails are another thing she loves to change. She’s done both long and short nails, though she’s been on a long kick lately — and it’s led to fans asking questions. But every few weeks, she gets a completely new nail design, which she often shows off to fans on Instagram.

Jenner recently showed off her long, light-brown hair

Jenner loves posting mirror selfies, and she recently did so to introduce a look she’s never gone with before: Long, light-brown hair. She surprised fans with a style similar to the one Khloé Kardashian also recently debated trying. “New vibe,” Jenner captioned the photo, complete with a black and brown heart.

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“This is IT,” model Rose Bertram commented. “This hair is so good,” James Charles wrote. “Yesssssss! She’s inching closer to blondeeee… This looks so bomb,” Olivia Pierson added. Plenty of fans adored the look in addition to celebrities.

She seems to be able to rock literally any hairstyle  

No matter what kind of hair Jenner goes for, she can rock anything. She’s transitioned from long to short with ease, and her funky, bright colors somehow work with whatever outfit and makeup she has on. And Jenner loves to surprise fans by changing things up unexpectedly.

Her sisters also change their hair frequently; Kim Kardashian West loves sporting a short bob in between her long hair days. And Khloé Kardashian made a huge transition from brunette to blonde a while back. But nobody can wear those bright, crazy hair colors the way Jenner can.