Fans React to Tarek El Moussa Calling Himself and Heather Rae Young a ‘Dangerous Duo’ on Instagram

Tarek El Moussa recently called himself and his wife, Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young, a “dangerous duo” on Instagram. Here’s what fans thought of the Flip or Flop star’s remark and what they said about the reality TV couple. 

Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young pose together at an event.
Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS

‘Flip or Flop’ star Tarek El Moussa called himself and Heather Rae Young a ‘dangerous duo’ on Instagram

Tarek El Moussa frequently shares snippets of his life, especially his marriage with Heather Rae Young, on social media. On May 16, the Flip or Flop star shared an Instagram photo of himself with his Selling Sunset star wife. He gushed about his partner in the caption. 

“Some of my favorite things are… spending time with the kids, helping new real estate agents and investors, flipping houses, and of course anything with @heatherraeyoung,” he wrote.

El Moussa continued to write about being married to someone who works in the same field. “Anyone else out there work in the same industry as your person?🖤” he asked. “It makes it so much fun to have someone who understands what it’s like to be filming all the time, and constantly searching for new deals, our evening walks often turn into new ideas each time we see a property we like 🤣”

He added, “A real estate couple is definitely a dangerous duo 😎”

Fans reacted to Tarek El Moussa calling himself and ‘Selling Sunset’ star Heather Rae Young a ‘dangerous duo’

Tarek El Moussa’s fans reacted to his post about himself and Heather Rae Young. They left their opinions in the comments section of his Instagram post.

Many fans complimented the TV stars, leaving messages calling them a “power couple.” One fan wrote, “Powerful duo ❤️,” while another commented, “I love you two together!! ❤️”

Some shared their stories of working in the same industry as their partners, while others expressed that they couldn’t imagine working with their spouses.

And El Moussa’s biggest fan, his wife, left four red heart emojis in the comments. 

The ‘Flip or Flop’ star previously asked fans on Instagram if he and his ‘Selling Sunset’ star wife should flip a house together 

While Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa fans may think they are a “powerful duo,” many expressed that they don’t want the couple to flip a house together. 

On Apr. 7, El Moussa shared an Instagram post asking fans if he and Young should flip a house together. He previously did the same job with his ex-wife, Christina Haack, for 10 seasons of Flip or Flop

“My incredible wife, @heatherraeyoung, is just as smart and driven as she is beautiful and kind:) I got really lucky, she’s honestly the perfect match for me❤️,” El Moussa captioned a picture of himself and Young. 

“We had an idea…but wanted your opinion. Should Heather and I work on a flip together?” he asked. “If so, what style of house could you imagine us doing together? Can’t wait to hear!:)”

Fans were less than enthused by the prospect of the Flip or Flop star and the Selling Sunset star working on a house together. They answered El Moussa’s question in the comments section of his post.

“Nooo. I don’t think you guys should work on a flip together,” wrote one fan. “You do well keeping it separate. Why mess with the system you have?”

Another fan suggested that flipping a house together would be bad for the couple’s marriage, particularly since El Moussa’s marriage to his Flip or Flop co-star ended in divorce. “Ummm nnnnoooo look at the track records of couples that work together on tv (you included).”

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