Fans React to Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin Getting Back Together Again

Aaron Carter has had a lot of drama surrounding his relationships during the last few months. Melanie Martin and Carter were on-again and off-again for months, and it looks like they are back on. Read on to learn what the fans are saying about the situation.

Aaron Carter announces during a live stream that he’s back together with Melanie Martin

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Yesterday Carter posted a video that was uploaded to YouTube of himself seated right next to Martin, his ex-girlfriend. Carter announced to everyone during the video that they are back together. They appear to be quite happy as they kiss and hug all over each other.

 “We are back together,” Carter declares. “Thank you to all the fans being understanding. And really just kind of not really judging too much.”

Martin also took the time to admit that she “wasn’t fixing” problems they had before. “I do think you did go a little overboard saying a couple things but there was definitely some problems we had and it kept on happening over and over again and I wasn’t fixing it,” Martin said.

Carter posts a video to Instagram

Carter also took the time to post a video to Instagram of himself where he shows part of a clip.  “Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin back together. Our love story,” the post is captioned.

In the clip that Carter lets fans hear, he talks about moving on “quickly” and about being “vulnerable” at the time of their break up. “We’ve been talking about everything, and relationships have there ups and downs,” Carter said in the clip.

Fans react to Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin getting back together

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Fans obviously have a lot of feelings about all of this considering the drama their relationship has had. People seem to be pretty divided about the relationship being on again. Some fans think it’s funny, while others are happy for the couple.

“Who needs Netflix when we got this 😂,” a fan commented on Instagram.

One Instagram user thinks this is “the stupidest thing” thing they’ve seen Carter do yet. “I wish I could speak every language on Earth just to tell you off in every language. This is by far the stupidest thing you have ever done,” they said.

Other people admit they can’t stop watching the whole thing. “Train wreck I can’t stop watching. Wow,” said a fan.

“Both y’all are insane with this. 🙃 Sounds super healthy….,” someone wrote.

Other fans really seem to be on board for Carter’s relationship with Martin. “Love you two together. She didn’t give up,” a fan commented.

Another fan thinks Carter and Martin are a good couple together. “This is great news always thought you and Mel were so good together! Love wins always. ❤️ Beautiful couple,” another fan wrote.

“You already look so much happier,” someone wrote in the comments.

It looks like Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin are back together and fans are divided about it. We’ll keep you updated on all the latest as we learn it.