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President Trump is known for his active use of Twitter. He recently posted a tweet that’s gotten a lot of people talking, especially Law & Order fans. A few people have responded back to the President and they didn’t hold back. Read on to find out what people are saying.

President Trump tweets ‘Law & Order’

On May 31, Trump tweeted: “LAW & ORDER!” As can be expected, this tweet sent people into a frenzy. Numerous people saw the tweet and some chose to respond back to it. A few big names associated with Law & Order: SVU decided to tweet back and many fans were on board for it.

Mariska Hargitay, who plays Captain Olivia Benson on SVU, responded back with a tweet herself: “You mean tyranny and racism!” Numerous fans commented with words of support for Hargitay for speaking out, but she wasn’t the only person affiliated with SVU to say something.

Other big names associated with SVU also tweeted back to Trump in response to his use of the phrase “Law & Order.” Ice-T, who plays Fin Tutuola tweeted back and so did SVU’s showrunner, Warren Leight.

Christopher Meloni responds to Donald Trump’s ‘Law & Order’ tweet

Christopher Meloni
Christopher Meloni | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Christopher Meloni played Detective Elliot Stabler on SVU for over a decade. He is going to be starring in a spinoff of his own and fans are excited about it. On June 5, Meloni tweeted back with his own response to Trump’s popular tweet.

“You would be arrested!” Meloni tweeted.

Numerous fans had a lot to say on the subject. One fan said that Meloni’s tweet makes them happy. “You make me so happy,” said a fan.

Many people commented with a phrase along the lines of “Get em Stabler.”


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“This is fire! tell him, Stabler!” another fan wrote.

One fan thinks this is the best tweet ever. “Best. Tweet. Ever,” a fan wrote in the comments.

“That’s it, that’s the tweet. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾,” a Twitter user said.

The tweets come after the death of George Floyd and a call for change

On May 25, George Floyd died by homicide according to two separate autopsy reports. CBS News reports that an independent report filed by the Floyd family found that Floyd died from asphyxiation. The report from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner agrees that Floyd’s death was in fact caused by homicide, but it says that Floyd’s heart and lungs stopped working “while being restrained” by officers.

Officer Derek Chauvin, who put his knee on the neck of Floyd, was originally being charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The charges have been upgraded to second-degree murder for Chauvin, and three more officers have been charged according to CNBC.

People all over the world have been calling for change, including criminal justice reform and a call to action for change. Protests have been ongoing after the death of Floyd and celebrities and people in power are commenting on the situation and using their voices to be heard.