Fans React to Joe Budden Firing His Podcast Co-Host

This may be the end of The Joe Budden Podcast as you know it.

In past weeks, there’s been a lot of infighting between the former Love & Hip Hop star and his friends Rory Farrell and Jamil “Mal” Clay, which caused them to take a month-long hiatus from the show in March (via HipHopDX). Ultimately, they put their issues aside and returned to the podcast, but it looks like that ceasefire has ended already.

In a May episode of the show, after another apparent dispute, Budden appeared to fire one co-host, triggering a heap of reactions from their fans.

Joe Budden at an event
Joe Budden at an event for ‘Love & Hip Hop’ in October 2013 in New York City | Brian Ach/Getty Images North America

Joe Budden snapped in an episode of his podcast

Budden hinted that the dispute concerns issues Rory and Mal have with certain aspects of their business relationship with him. But he seems fed up with going back and forth about it, especially with Rory. Per BroBible, Budden vented about the dispute in a now-deleted episode of his podcast before letting Rory go.

“We gonna do this since Rory thinks he has so many options here, he somehow feels like he’s still running the show,” he reportedly began. “He still feels like he has choices and options, he feels like he’s entitled to more. Rory, you are in breach of your contract and from this point forward you are fired and you are not welcome back.”

Budden allegedly then dared both men to try and take him to court over it. “Everything is good over here, you [N-words] can audit, you [N-words] can sue, you’re going to lose. You both gotta move now,” he added.

Rory and Mal did not appear to be present and have yet to respond to the episode.

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Fan reactions to Joe Budden’s interview

The news prompted many reactions from fans and eventually became a trending topic on Twitter. Some fans respect his decision to move on from something that clearly doesn’t seem to be working, but others felt Budden could have handled it better, especially because he’s had his own issues in the business and knows what that’s like.

“Joe Budden went from hating the industry to being industry,” read one tweet. “Once again it just proves my point that people cry about the position they’re in because they want to be on the other side. They don’t want things to be fair.”

Another person echoed that, saying in another tweet: “the same thing joe budden was fighting Spotify about is the same thing his co hosts we’re asking of him and he couldn’t do it. life is really a full circle thing init.”

“Even if he’s in the right that was super disrespectful and uncalled for,” a third tweet read in part.

Though he might not have his famous co-host anymore, some fans think Budden will be just fine.

“Joe Budden is your typical genius. Misunderstood, yet it’s going to work every time 🤷‍♂️ I guarantee whatever he got next will be bigger than anything he’s done and I don’t even know what it is yet,” one fan tweeted.

A second supporter agreed, sharing a message saying: “Joe Budden firing Rory and Mal won’t hurt his podcast lol. Joe was the Beyoncé of the pod and the thing about Joe is that he can sit down with anyone so his topics are endless. He’ll be good.”