Fans React to Nikocado Avocado’s Videos of Him Crying, Saying His Life is Over

Back in December, YouTube food vlogger Nikocado Avocado found himself at the center of drama in the mukbang community. Controversy arose when fellow mukbang vlogger and sometimes collaborator Stephanie Soo posted a video saying she was scared of him. Fans quickly chose sides, but most expressed their disgust for Nik and started a campaign to “cancel” him.

The saga dragged into January, with social media posts from various parties—including Zach Choi and Nikocado—explaining who’s right, wrong, or uninvolved. Now, it seems like things have escalated to the point that Nikocado Avocado (whose real name is Nicholas Perry) is having a breakdown and is ready to give up on everything.

Nikocado Avocado
Nikocado Avocado | Nikocado Avocado 2/YouTube

Where did things go wrong for Nikocado Avocado?

To recap, after a collaboration with Nik left a sour taste in her mouth, Stephanie Soo released her “Why I Am Scared of Nikocado Avocado” video that has since garnered more than nine million views. In it, she stated he tried to manipulate her into attacking Veronica Wang, another mukbanger. When she didn’t comply, he turned on her, and continuously harassed her after their video shoot with texts, triggering her PTSD and anxiety. He then mocked her for the PTSD.

Fans went in on Nik, calling him toxic, disgusting, and a manipulator. He attempted to defend himself by bringing Zach Choi into things—who refuted events and expressed support for Soo—but it backfired. Wang also made a video saying she too supports Soo and hoped that Nik would work on himself. Scores of fans seemingly washed their hands of Nik for his behavior, which many have called a pattern.

The vlogger posted a series of bizarre videos this week

Nikocado Avocado created several videos over the past few days claiming that his husband left him and he’s quitting YouTube because his subscribers turned on him. One video titled “Orlin left me, I hate myself, Goodbye YouTube and life” features the mukbanger sobbing about the demise of his relationship and lack of compassion from his subscribers.

Cradling a single glove against his face, Nik keeps saying he has nobody and cries. This goes on for about five minutes before his table is filled Taco Bell for his next mukbang event. The rest of the 30-minute video is him eating, rambling, and weeping about his life. A separate YouTube post is dedicated to why Orlin left him, which he claims is due to hubby questioning their relationship after reading online comments.

There are about six or seven other videos of Nik crying and saying his life is over, with most of the emotional rants happening during mukbang sessions for KFC, Arby’s, or Panda Express. A couple videos accuse David Dobrik of stealing opportunities from him. Nik states that all this is the result of the feud with Soo, Choi, and the internet.   

Fans are still skeptical of Nikocado Avocado

At first, YouTube viewers weren’t sure if they should be concerned for Nikocado Avocado after seeing the first video or two. But the comment sections on each of these videos are not entirely supportive of him. Viewers believe that this is a stunt for more hits on the videos, and many people are pointing out that they don’t see any real tears coming from Nik’s eyes.

Fans are calling him “toxic,” “manipulative,” with some accusing him of mocking/faking mental health issues. While there’s an overwhelming sentiment toward Nik that his channel should shut down, some YouTube viewers think he should seek therapy because for his erratic and/or attention-seeking behavior. No one is sure what to make of it, but for now, he’s still posting videos daily.