Fans React to ‘Vikings’ Season 6, Episode 7

This week’s episode of Vikings has us all still feeling emotional from episode 6’s shocking death. The main characters mourned the loss of one of the greats in episode 7. Read on to learn what happened and how fans are reacting. There are major spoilers ahead for season 6 of Vikings.

Saying goodbye to a legend

Georgia Hirst
Georgia Hirst | Daniel Knighton/Getty Images for HISTORY

This week’s episode was filled with everyone saying goodbye to Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) in their own way. She was killed by Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) while he was hallucinating that she was Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) and a snake. Her death devastated everyone including fans at home.

Torvi (Georgia Hirst) heads to Lagertha’s home after discovering what’s happened. She discovers her son Hali (Ryan Henson) has also been killed. Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) mourns Lagertha as well, even though she killed his mother Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) years ago.

A sacrifice must be made

A funeral is organized for Lagertha’s departure and it’s absolutely massive. They plan to sacrifice a human along with the ceremony, and shockingly Torvi volunteers to die. Luckily, it doesn’t go down that way, but fans weren’t happy at the thought.

Hvitserk is finally found in the woods and he refuses to give up any information about what happened. So as far as the residents of Kattegat are concerned, they have no idea what really went down.

Fans react to Torvi

Fans aren’t happy with Torvi right now and her ability to give up her life up so easily. “Torvi’s not gonna commit suicide now, is she?” a Reddit user wrote.

No one wanted to see Torvi put herself on the line like that. “Okay wait this isn’t what I had in mind please not Torvi,” another user said.

Why would Torvi volunteer? She’s pregnant with a family. “Both Bjorn & Torvi are horrible parents,” a Reddit user explained. “Torvi was actually willing to kill her unborn baby and abandon her daughter. I know the scene was supposed to showcase Torvi’s loyalty to Lagertha…. but really.”

The final goodbye

Everyone says goodbye to Lagertha and her son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) makes it there just in time to say goodbye to the mother who raised him and taught him to be great. It’s a sad and tearful send-off to the most famous shield-maiden in the world.

It was nice to see Bjorn say goodbye to his mother. “Bjorn was always a momma’s boy,” a Reddit user reflected.

Lagertha’s funeral was epic and worthy of her greatness. “What an ending to that episode and Lagertha’s life. Very well done,” another user wrote.

Lagertha was respected by all, but especially by other women who saw her worth. “Lagertha really got a bunch of females ready to join her in the afterlife I really need to get my **** together cuz that’s the kind of legacy I want to have whenever my time is up,” a Reddit user hilariously explained.

Numerous fans commented on the beauty of the ceremony for Lagertha’s departure. “Lagertha’s funeral was so emotional and beautiful …a cinematic piece of a beautiful but sad painting …It was art …real cinematographic art …Vikings in all its tragic glory,” another Reddit user explained.

Lagertha is now gone and it seems more real now that she’s been properly mourned.