Fans Say These Are the Worst Storylines on ‘Criminal Minds’

Criminal Minds has an enormous fan following that’s only grown as the years have gone by. Now that the final season of the series is almost here, let’s take a look at what fans say are some of the worst storylines on Criminal Minds. There are spoilers ahead.

JJ reveals a secret to Reid

In the finale of season 14, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau (A.J. Cook) told Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) a startling confession. She reveals a secret that could change everything between them. JJ admits to loving Reid and fans unleashed their fury almost right away. That particular storyline is considered one of the worst for many fans.

“The last episode of last season with JJ confessing she has always loved Reid. This just ruins their relationship for me,” a Reddit user explained. “Look back at old seasons, there was never anything sexual between JJ and Reid, they were always like brother and sister. Reid was an awkward, inexperienced teenager back then, there is no way JJ felt romantic towards him.”

Many fans echo the same concerns. “Yeah, I hate it,” someone else agreed. “She is married, and the show has never shown their relationship as anything more than a brother/sister or even mother/son type.”

Fans believe their friendship may backfire. “I thought they totally dug themselves into a hole with that confession,” another Reddit user observed. “It totally ruined what had been a great platonic TV friendship and turned into what could become just another will they/won’t they cliche storyline next season.”

Reid spends some time behind bars

Reid has definitely had it rough on the show and season 12 is no different. He ends up being set up for a murder while in Mexico trying to get drugs for his mother’s Alzheimer’s. Numerous fans say it dragged on for far too long and was just unnecessary at times.

“The entirety of the Reid in prison storyline,” a Reddit user said about the worst storyline. “It had potential, but it just didn’t play out very well.”

Fans think the situation should have wrapped up quicker. “The prison one just dragged on for too long,” someone else observed. “The prison storyline would’ve been fine as a two-part episode.”

Anything to do with Kate Callahan

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt | Darren Michaels / CBS via Getty Images

Jennifer Love Hewitt played Kate Callahan in season 10 and some fans wish she wouldn’t have. The season was extremely focused on Kate and her family, and then she ends up leaving in the end. Some fans think the role didn’t suit the actress.

“Any episode of season 10 with Kate Callahan,” a Reddit user explained. “I love JLH in Ghost Whisperer but I hated this character. She always seemed so wannabe-bad*** and snappy.”

“Same! I love JLH but this isn’t the type of role for her,” another user chimed in.

Unsubs that are mentally ill

Some fans don’t particularly care for episodes that may seem to vilify the mentally ill. “I will say mentally ill/intellectually disabled people can and do commit crimes,” a Reddit user wrote. “But just because someone is borderline, bipolar, autistic, or schizophrenic does not mean they are going to murder their family, or commit some other heinous crime.”

Season 15 of Criminal Minds will premiere its final season on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. E.S.T.