Fans Say Yes to Megan Fox as a Powerful Vampire in ‘Night Teeth’

Megan Fox is having a great moment. Current entertainment readers might know that she’s in a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. Fans can’t get enough of the couple — a 2021 red carpet favorite.

Her friendship with Kourtney Kardashian led to some seriously steamy photos of the pair that the internet loved.

Now, the trailer for Netflix’s “Night Teeth” is out and viewers can’t wait to watch Fox play a seductively mysterious and powerful vampire. But she’s not the only star who caught their eye. There’s another familiar face that also has fans a little hot and bothered.

Megan Fox in red dress with train
Megan Fox | Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Sydney Sweeney is a young star with a familiar face

Fox is probably more easily recognizable because she’s been part of the celebrity scene for a while. But fans on the internet were also very excited to see Sydney Sweeney as a vampire in the trailer for “Night Teeth.”

HBO viewers might remember Sweeney from favorites like Sharp Objects and Euphoria. She may also be familiar to fans of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale. She’s been building her resume for years by taking part in stellar ensembles.

At 24, she has gained her own loyal following from a pretty small handful of prominent roles. But her most talked about character yet seems to be that of Olivia on The White Lotus. She was terrifying — but also a little hard to read — and Sweeney stood out in a stand out cast.

Being teamed up with Fox for her latest role in “Night Teeth” is getting fans to express their immediate approval so far. The movie won’t be out until October, so anxious viewers will undoubtedly be waiting with anticipation – and maybe watching the trailer on repeat.   

Fans love Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney’s sexy vampire looks

There’s a lot going on in the brief preview, but fans saw enough to conclude that Fox and Sweeney as sexy vampires had their attention.

Fox is well-remembered for her role in the funny horror film “Jennifer’s Body.” It gathered a following of fans that stayed loyal to her when she was pretty much out of the spotlight. So, many are excited by the notion that she will once again be playing an undead creature with an insatiable bloodlust.

This very well could be Fox’s winning formula for a memorable role if online reactions to the trailer are any indication. Online commenters are already very excited just by her pairing in a movie with Sweeney.

Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney both did steamy underwear campaigns in 2021

Recently, Fox gave internet users an eyeful with a campaign for Kim Kardashian West’s Skims underwear line. She posed with Kourtney Kardashian for some photos full of skin and erotic suggestions. Needless to say — fans loved them!

In June 2021, Sweeney also posed for an underwear brand — Parade. But hers were made from recycled materials and designed to be affordable. The ad may not have received as much attention as the Fox and Kardashian collaboration, but fans loved the idea of reasonably priced underwear made with a focus on sustainability.

The pictures from both campaigns are NSFW but available online for those who are curious. Fan can already hardly wait, but “Night Teeth” comes to Netflix in Oct. 2021.

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